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Created by International Speaker, Entrepreneur, Author & Personal Empowerment Behavioral Strategist Tollie Schmidt
In life we have choices and decisions. Many people choose to live a lifestyle stuck in between where they are now and where they could choose to be. This is where our Dream-Infused Lifestyle News Site comes into practice. You deserve to create the lifestyle and life of your dreams, you deserve to feel the energy and passion of life pulsating through your veins.
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However, many times the only missing ingredient is the lack of knowledge to get from where you currently are today, to where you desire to be. So, here at Tollie Schmidt: Online Dream-Infused Lifestyle News Site we have brought the tools and resources to address many of life’s current challenges. In addition to addressing your current lifestyle and challenges we know success is in your future so we brought unique content for your new lifestyle, a empowered Dream-infused high octane lifestyle!

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Tollie Schmidt Founder and President of Tollie International Inc.

Chasing a Dream Gallery

A Photographic journey through Tollie Schmidt’s past, memories and family and moments of great challenges and triumphs.


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iDream Radio Show

Get the EDGE in life! Excuses are tools of the Ignorant. I will NOT use them... Dream - Envision - Create

Body Image Illusion Book

Create lasting change & empower yourself to overcome negative body issues. Exposing the Marketing & Media Illusion!
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Tollie's iDream Project

The Social Network of dreamers! Where Passion and Opportunity COLLIDE Globally.

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International Speaker, Entrepreneur: Author & Personal Behavioral Strategist Tollie Schmidt Biography Founder and President Tollie International Inc.
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Tollie has the unique ability to break down old patterns that prevent you from being your true self. Once you find that you are no longer controlled by old beliefs, you are on the road to creating joy, true happiness and success in all areas of your life..
Casey STONE, Dallas, TX
Tollie’s Inspired is a book America is thirsty for, creating change rather than assigning blame from a guy, who went thru hell and came out stronger!
Christopher Mattingly, Online PR News
Tollie Schmidt has astonishing credibility. I have never seen a more powerful story and message or a more powerful communicator. He walks his talk.”
Jonathan FRANK, PASTOR / Y.F.C.

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