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I know that subject heading may sound shocking, and almost impossible.

And of course...eating some corn flakes or tortilla chips on occasion are NOT
going to put you on your death bed (although they're NOT helping with getting
lean either!)

But, hang with me for a minute, and I'll show you 2 indirect ways that corn CAN

First, let's relate this back to our screwed up food supply...

If you've been reading my newsletters and my books, 
you've probably heard me
preach a gazillion times by now about how important 
grass-fed meats and dairy
are compared to typical corn-fed meats/dairy that 
comprises 99% of what is
available at your typical grocery stores 
or restaurants.

But I've found that a lot of people don't fully 
understand how vastly important
this single aspect of our food supply really is.  
You can tell them that
grass-fed is healthier for them than grain-fed, 
but most people still have this
attitude of...  "who cares, it's all the same".


So let's get into the first deadly scenerio 
that is CAUSED by corn...

We already know that cattle are designed by nature to eat grass and other
forage... their stomachs were not designed to handle eating large amounts of

But because of our screwed-up farming practices which originate solely from the
economics of cheap corn and factory farming, the vast majority of our beef comes
from factory farmed cattle that were force-fed corn for their entire existance,
instead of being allowed to eat their natural food, grass.

Since their stomachs were not designed to properly digest corn, their digestive
system essentially gets sick, and this allows dangerous bugs such as E-COLI to

When cattle are allowed to eat grass and other forage, E-COLI issues are almost

People DIE every year (particularly children and elderly are at most risk) from
E-COLI poisoning.  And even when the sicknesses and/or death from E-coli occur
from vegetables, this is usually caused by runoff from a factory corn-fed beef
farm that contaminated produce at a downstream farm.

This is just one of the reasons I almost ALWAYS eat healthy grass-fed beef and
bison instead of dangerous and unhealthy grain-fed meats.

And this is 1 of the indirect ways that corn kills.

Luckily, in most states that I've lived, I've been able to find grass-fed farms
(even some that deliver to urban areas) instead of being forced to buy low
quality meat/dairy at the grocery store. I also order grass-fed meats online at
this site below (one of my favorites, and surprisingly convenient)

Greensbury Market Grass Fed Organic Meats

Now the 2nd indirect way that corn kills has to do with it's nutritional
problems and it's prevalence in almost all of our processed food.  Let's list a
few to start:

1. Corn-fed beef produces lower nutrition levels in beef, lower healthful
omega-3 fats, and a 10-20x higher level of inflammatory omega-6 fats. The more
corn fed beef you eat, the more you're blasting your body with more inflammation
by throwing omega-6 to omega-3 ratios out of whack.

Chronic inflammation leads to eventual heart disease and possible death.


Once again... CORN KILLS.

2. Corn Oil is in a huge quantity of processed foods. Not only is this heavily
refined oil unhealthy in many other ways, but once again, it throws that natural
balance of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids out of whack inside your body.  Once
again, chronic inflammation can result.

3. High fructose corn syrup -- this has become a major ingredient in almost ALL
processed foods over the last couple decades. It is so prevalent in processed
foods, that it's almost impossible to avoid. Even breads, cereals, and ketchup
have HFCS now.

Knowing how lethal this "corny" syrup is to our health, I'm amazed it's not
illegal... of course, that would never happen because of the economics involved
in corn.

Long term use of HFCS can not only cause obesity, but also diabetes, premature
aging, and a host of other health issues.

Obesity and diabetes can eventually cause death.

Once again... CORN KILLS.

I know this newsletter may seem a little over-dramatic with respect to corn
being the basis of our food supply, but it's about time people start
understanding what's in our food supply and how it affects their health and
their family's health. 

Unfortunately, the majority of people don't value their health until they've
lost it. That's a sad fact that will probably always be part of human nature.

What can you do?

The best thing you can do is to CONTINUALLY educate yourself and your family on
nutrition. Study everything you can get your hands on about nutrition. Read and
understand labels. Choose organic. Choose all unprocessed foods at least 95% of
the time.

In the spirit of continually educating yourself and your family on nutrition, my
good friend Isabel De Los Rios is actually one of my most respected
nutritionists that I trust.

If you haven't done so already, check out her informative video and program at
this site:

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Til next newsletter,
Eat clean and be lean!

Tollie Schmidt
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer
Founder - http://YouthObesityOnline.Info &

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