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A Plea For Purging – Death Has Been Swallowed Up in Victory | From “A Critique Of Mind And Though” Released in 2007
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WARNING: DO NOT WATCH THIS unless you’re one of the select group who enjoy listening to me ramble on and on and on in search of a point while stumbling over the wording of the simplest thoughts. I’m posting it mainly for my own oddball psychological reasons: to help me “clear the deck,” as I keep saying in the vid. RE my video quality: I don’t have a webcam. I use my Canon GL2 camcorder, recording at 30 fps progressive in NTSC DV (720×480 pixels). I do all my editing at that resolution, using Final Cut Pro. Then, before uploading, I downcovert to 320×240 MP4, two-pass H264 compression, using VisualHub, which is great and you can buy off the web at: I use the following MP4 conversion settings: Check the boxes for “320 Pixels Wide,” “Hint for Streaming,” and “H.264 Encoding,” and set the quality slider to “High.” In the “Advanced” window, check “Two Pass.” If it looks like the file might be over 100 megabytes (if it’s twenty minutes or longer), check “Fit each video in” and type in 96 megabytes, and if necessary lower the Quality slider to “Standard.” Whatever your camera, though, one simple way to make your vids look better is to shoot with as much light as possible. Look at my middle-period videos, such as: or In those I was recording using just the light of the computer screen. When you do that, the camera lens opens wide and the picture becomes fuzzy. Now I usually blast a desk lamp in my face, which isn’t as pleasant
Video Rating: 4 / 5