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A Thousand Little Bites: How the Pasch Diet helped me Overcome my Negative Body Image And Lose 10 lbs in the Process

Little “Bites”; this is what the author, Melissa Pasch, feels is taken out of each of us. Every hurtful comment, every unconstructive thought … these are bites that eventually build, and lead us down the path of negative body image, eating disorders, and ultimately self-destruction.

Melissa has spent the last 20 years of her life giving into each bite, allowing them to control her. Allowing them to dictate her every thought, every meal.

She tells her story in diary format, including her food consumption and exercise regimen over a 25-day period. During this 25-day period, Melissa works to repair these bites that have been taken from her … works to repair her self-esteem and self-worth. An added bonus, she loses 10 lbs in the process!

Melissa offers readers a candid approach, including body image exercises, self-reflection pages, and a realistic take on how we view ourselves.

There are many self-help books that have been written concerning body image and eating disorders. However, this easy to read, realistic story will help readers get rid of those negative, self destructive thoughts, and start a journey down the path to loving themselves for who they are!

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