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Before a performance your warm ups should be quick and to the point. Learn some tips from our vocal expert on a great exercise to do to get ready to sing in this free video clip. Expert: Michelle Hakala Bio: Michelle has been a professional singer and actor for 25 years and has appeared all over the country. She runs a private voice studio in Arizona where she coaches all styles of singing. Filmmaker: Dustin Daniels
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Traveling doesn’t have to be a vacation from your fitness. In fact, it can be a great way to combat the exhaustion and fatigue often accompanied by traveling. has prepared a group of 8 no-equipment exercises you can do anywhere, in the smallest amount of space and minimal amount of time. Here we demonstrate the exercises in a room at the Four Seasons Hotel. Be sure to go to the website for full report including a set of 4 accompanying rep schemes. 8 No-Equipment Exercises: 1) Pushup — begin in a plank position, shoulders over hands, lower body to ground, push body back up to plank. Make it easier by dropping to the knees, but make sure to maintain rigid midline of the body (abs pulled in tight). Make it harder by performing a clapping pushup — start in a plank, lower until chest touches the ground, clap hands together, land at the top of a plank Variation: Target the shoulders with decline pushups (placing feet up on a bed, chair, or bureau) 2) Burpee — drop to plank position from standing, perform a pushup, jump feet forward to a squat, jump up and clap overhead. Used by prisoners to maintain muscle tone and cardiovascular fitness. 3) Squats — start with feet hip-width apart, feet turned slightly outward. Lower your body until hips are below parallel, keeping core tight and weight in the heels. 4) Sit-ups — use a pillow to support the lower back and isolate the abs. Perform a standard sit-up by laying flat on your back and drawing your belly button