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Alarming Information Regarding Depression from World Health


By Gwynne Curry

The World Health Organization (WHO) has released a report
stating that the number of people who experience depression
is doubling every ten years and that by 2020 it will be the
most pervasive illness in the world and the second leading
cause of death. WHO also states that depression currently
ranks second only to heart disease as the leading cause of
disabilities associated with illness.

Unfortunately, depression will touch almost every single 
person during their lifetimes. They will either experience 
it themselves or know someone who has. Those who do 
experience depression may suffer its hideous effects for 
decades or even for a lifetime. 

Why is depression currently so pervasive? Furthermore, why
is the number of people who will experience it projected to
increase at such a rapid rate? But, most importantly, is
there a method for overcoming it?

Doctors can’t agree on the cause of depression. Some say it
is a chemical imbalance, while others claim it is a genetic
problem. Some label it a disease the same as diabetes or
hypertension. There are others who believe that depression
is a “learned behavior.”

The most common treatment for depression today is therapy
coupled with antidepressant medication. This can become
costly and time consuming without much success. The question
becomes… Why isn’t treatment producing the desired results
and decreasing the number of people who are depressed?
Some people do experience an improved mood when they are
prescribed antidepressants. But, think about this… any
mind-altering drug, including antidepressants, has the
potential to produce a positive improvement in mood. Is the
improved mood one experiences while taking antidepressants
proof that they had a chemical imbalance to begin with? Not
in light of the above statement.

Let’s face it, if therapy and antidepressants were the
answers, we wouldn’t have so many depressed people in our
society today and the number of people suffering its
debilitating effects wouldn’t be on the rise.

Now that you recognize that the number of depressed persons
is rapidly increasing and that current treatment methods
aren’t helping to decrease that number (in fact, they aren’t
even causing it to remain the same), are you ready to open
your mind to a new approach to overcoming depression?

Gwynne Curry, who suffered with depression for 30+ years,
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