Select Page Addiction and anorexia often go hand in hand, we treat both at the same time in Newport Beach, CA.

Relief From the Effects of Anorexia At Casa Palmera, we understand the complexities of treating anorexia. Our residential treatment facility is renowned for innovative eating disorder therapies. Using a combination of cognitive behavioral groups and individual psychotherapy; and holistic adjunctive treatment techniques, we address the personal problems that affect one’s ability to fully enjoy life. Treatment at Casa Palmera is individualized for each patient and begins with a thorough process of evaluation by a host of professionals that includes a comprehensive nutritional assessment by a certified bio-medical nutritionist, as well as bio/neuro feedback with brain mapping. Both of which assists our patients in reducing anxiety and building the necessary skills to make healthy food choices. Yoga, Reiki, expressive art therapy and meditation are just a few of the adjunctive services available to compliment the individualized cognitive behavioral treatment plan designed in conjunction with the patient and our team of psychiatrists and mental health professionals. Anorexia Is A Disease It’s not your fault. Anorexia is a disease and with the proper compassionate help, a life filled with joy is possible. Anorexia nervosa can be caused by different factors unique to each individual. Social factors such as an emphasis on appearance by society and the media may contribute to problems with self image, thus creating stress for those already biologically vulnerable to disordered
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