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Anadral A50 Bodybuilding Supplements (60 Tablets)

  • Promotes gains in muscle mass by improving protein synthesis
  • Results in as little as 2 weeks!
  • Not toxic to the liver or kidneys
  • NO negative side effects
  • Protects/lubricates joints while lifting heavy weights

A favorite bulking compound used by elite power lifters, Anadral-A50 is highly effective in promoting extensive gains in body mass by greatly improving protein synthesis. When used to jump-start muscle bulking cycles, Anadral-A50 causes a rapid, equal buildup of both strength and weight. Due to its high water retention properties, use Anadral-A50 to protect/lubricate joints while lifting heavy weights. Pack pounds in as little as two (2) weeks! Offers a high quality, hard look. Offers no adverse side effects. Use for a period of not less than four (4) weeks. Will solidify post cycle gains when stacked with Decca-Durabol and/or Dianabal-DBoll.*

Item: 1 bottle of Anadral-A50
Serving Size: 1 Tablet (360mg)
Servings Per Bottle: 60 Tablets
Directions: Take one (1) tablet two (2) times daily with meals

*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Price: $ 49.99

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Anadrol-A50 SteriodAnabolic Steroids Profile


Anadrol-A50 (also referred by athletes as “A50” or “A-bombs”) initially was developed as a compound to help people with anemia, and has since been used very successfully to aid people who are suffering from many other diseases where weight loss is a concern. Anadrol-A50 is clearly a effective supplement for increasing weight gain, boosting appetite, gaining bulk and strength, also increasing Red Blood Cell counts. However, it is important to point out as with most Anabolic – Androgenic Steroids (AAS), Anadrol-A50 has it´s side-effects as well.

Anadrol-A50 will inhibit your body´s natural production of testosterone, Anadrol-A50 will also have a negative affect on your blood lipid profile, which can cause water retention. Anadrol-A50 is notorious for causing headaches, and is extremely toxic for your liver. One of the benefits touted by Anadrol-A50’s original manufacturer (Syntex) is that Anadrol-A50 can be used to stimulate weight gain by an increase in appetite. However,  taking too much Anadrol-A50 may actually decrease your appetite!

Anadrol-A50 Effects on the Body

To gain a comprehensive understanding of Anadrol-A50 effects on the body, we need to take a look at Anadrol-A50’s advantages compared to the disadvantages.

Anadrol-A50 is a DHT-derived compound, also a 17-Alpha-Alkylated steroid, Anadrol-A50 has been altered at the 17th carbon position to survive oral ingestion. Most oral steroids are 17-Alpha-Alkylated, this helps Anadrol-A50 pass through your liver as a useful function. Perfect! Right? Lets orally ingest any 17-alpha-alkylate steroid! Well if wishes, were horses, we’d all take a ride, because there is a down-side.

Anadrol-A50 Side Effects

The 17-Alpha-Alkylated process, which makes it possible for Anadrol-A50 to survive passing through your liver, also makes Anadrol-A50 extremely abrasive on your liver. How abrasive is Anadrol-A50 and how much weight can you gain from using the supplement?

In a 30 week study done on Anadrol-A50 there were a reasonable amount of side effects from participants. Fact is Anadrol-A50 like most bodybuilding supplements can cause some side effects, and this fact has never been debated.

brownie batter and cake batter
How effective was Anadrol-A50 in the study?

First you need to know that the Anadrol-A50 study was conducted on individuals infected with full-blown AIDS. The AIDS participants actually gained weight around 8 or more kg, while the control group lost weight, with an increase in mortality rates. (1). However, if you´re in a study because you have a horrific terminal disease, you wouldn’t want to wind-up in the control group anyway.

Weight gain in the Andarol-A50 study peaked around 19-20 weeks. Which means, you don´t want to consume Anadrol-A50 for a full 20 weeks, due to toxicity. Besides as seen in the Andarol-A50 study after 20-weeks, any effects of weight and strength gains would be minimal.

Side-effects from Anadrol-A50, are very apparent to be minimal and manageable, considering the side-effects cited in the study were due to a extremely long 30-week cycle which is abnormal. Bodybuilders are normally told to limit their intake of Anadrol-A50 to 4 weeks or less.

I have seen gains from Anadrol-A50 which are quite dramatic, but usually only within the first 3 weeks, then quickly leveling off. Many bodybuilders have found that side effects experienced from Anadrol-A50, which include headache, bloating, high blood pressure, and overall crappy feeling, remained for the entire duration of use. As usual, side effects for Anadrol-A50 are pretty much half myth and half truth. Since Anadrol-A50 is derived from DHT, it could potentially convert to estrogen (via the aromatase enzyme). Anadrol-A50 is not a progesterone or a compound with progesterone activity, so the estrogen side effects produced are of a very freaky nature. Speculation is that Anadrol-A50 could stimulate the estrogen receptor without actually being converted to estrogen.  This is really the only plausible explanation I´ve heard.

When Oxymetholone has been used in studies to alter the female reproductive – menstrual cycle Oxymetholone, has lowered plasma progesterone levels! (7)You would expect that a aromatic inhibitor couldn’t be of much use with this drug, but many have found that Letrozole (which has, in some cases been shown to reduce estrogen in the body to an undetectable amount)(6) can greatly reduce or even eliminate many of the more noticeable side effects of Anadrol-A50, especially bloating.

The side-effects from Anadrol-A50 are certainly no joke, but are easily preventable, and controllable. One study even showed very few side-effects for bodybuilders using up to 100mgs of Oxymetholone (2).

In the original UnderGround Steroid Hand-Book, Dan Duchaine states that he used it at doses up to 150mgs/day. Clearly, Anadrol-A50´s toxicity has been a bit exaggerated, in some circles. Be that as it may, limit Anadrol-A50´s use to 6 weeks, at a maximum.

What is the Compound Makeup of Anadrol-A50?

[17 beta-hydroxy-2-hydroxymethylene-17 alpha-methyl-5 alpha-androstan-3-one]
Molecular Weight: 332.482
Molecular Formula: C 21 H 32 O 3
Melting Point: 178-180C
Manufacturer: Syntex (Originally)
Release Date: 1960
Effective Dose: 100mgs (optimal)
Active Life: <16hours
Detection Time: up to 8 weeks
Androgenic: Anabolic Ratio: 45:320


Charts from reference 2:
Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab 284: E120-E128, 2003. First published September 24, 2002; doi:10.1152/ajpendo.00363.2002 0193-1849/03

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7. Am J Obstet Gynecol. 1973 Sep 1;117(1):121-5.

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