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anorexia bulimia treatment
Anorexia- Bulimia
A step by step program to cure anorexia and bulimia at home that is proven to work. You get two books, one under 18s and an adult version, for the price of one book.

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Getting the right help for eating disorders and anorexia-bulimia isn’t easy.

Most people fall back into the anorexia – bulimia trap and continue to suffer, even after repeated anorexia – bulimia treatment programs and hospital stays.

Doctor’s literature characterizes anorexia-bulimia as “cunning” and “baffling.” It doesn’t have to be that way, How do you find the best eating disorder treatment possible?

I remember the feeling because I was in your shoes.

My name is Karen Phillips and daughter (Amy) who suffered from severe Anorexia – Bulimia since age 13. Her battle with this disorder lasted nearly 10 years.

Amy nearly died in the hospital. Luckily she survived. And it was this episode that became a turning point for both of us. I promised myself I would do whatever it took to find the right treatment for Anorexia-Bulimia regardless of the cost, and I did.

I am now offering an individual home treatment program I developed during the years of battling with Amy’s anorexia-bulimia.

But not only that I have the full support of a medical doctor who was also an anorexia-bulimia sufferer herself. But more importantly she also cured herself using similar non conventional methods. Between us you now have a full treatment program that works.

There are many other ex sufferers who are offering you treatments, but they have no medical background; so how do they know the deep psychology that lies behind an eating disorder cure? They don’t: but we do.

For this very reason we have been invited to be expert panel members for a worldwide research project aimed at developing guidelines for the provision of mental health first aid for eating disorder sufferers.
This is being conducted by the ORYGEN Research Centre and is part of the Department of Psychiatry at The University of Melbourne Australia and is on going at this time for us.

Our insight into eating disorders we are now giving to you in our program and it is all explained in this article so keep reading. I can tell you, you will not be disappointed.

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