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Mark Daniel a Professor and Chairman for UniSA Research for Social Epidemiology, has been awarded a $290,000 National Health and Medical Research Council grant. Professor Daniel’s will study where you live, such as your proximity to junk food and healthy food outlets, urban planning, and green spaces, and study the affects on your health and diet.

The study of fat people seems to be a lucrative field these days, SA Health has also awarded the Professor $265,000 over the next three years for his work. The Fat study will include the use of extensive research and data gathered through the North West Adelaide Health Study over the past decade.
Fat Tax Myth Ronald McDonald
Professor Daniel will examine how people’s habitats and living situations affect their chances of developing metabolic syndrome, a cluster of high-risk conditions such as hypertension and fat gain.

Professor Daniel’s goal and planned outcome for the well funded research is to influence policy changes on taxation, urban planning and public transport.

“You can tax the fast-food companies and reduce the tax on grocers or places that are selling healthful food,” he said.

“We might be able to promote fewer cul de sac developments and more grid sections which encourage physical activity. We might be able to enact some bylaws against fast-food restaurants opening up in new residential locations. We want to see more green space, more connectivity of streets,” Professor Daniel said.
The new research being conducted by Professor Daniel has gained support from government activist leaders. The Fat study has some interesting issues. Professor Daniel, a Canadian moved to Australia due to their extensive Fat research and funding opportunities. Over a half a million dollars is being spent for a study whose sole objective is to tax fat people, and use government legislation to control a person’s free will. As leaders of this movement have been quoted.


“Some people might say that’s taking it too far, but the fundamental premise of health promotion is voluntary change and if people can’t change voluntarily you legislate,” he said.
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s Preventative Health Taskforce has recommended tax reforms to make healthy options easier, and unhealthy options harder.

Taskforce member and UniSA’s Foundation Chair in Health Economics Professor Leonie Segal said their recommendations look at individual food items rather than store type.
She said the theory of changing the taxation system to “modify people’s decisions” was quite simple. “People do respond to price signals and once it’s set up it can roll out reasonably simply,” she said.
The research being conducted from this study should also take into account the missing variable, they seem to overlook. A Person’s right and free-will. They contend that forcing taxes and legislation on fat people will force a change, and create a positive new healthy lifestyle. However, without extensive research I can simply look in our history books and see a trend dating back thousands of years, and all over the world, which will show failure. People’s belief systems, and personal freedoms and can not be controlled, they will only be strengthened and resolved for the sole purpose of defiance.
Prohibition, alcohol consumption was dangerous to society and their health. What was the outcome? Smoking is dangerous to the individual and society, more and more laws are passed and tightened every day, what has been the outcome? The idea in America of a “sin tax”, what will become the outcome?
Look throughout history, honestly any situation weather it be health, moral, or religious and here is your research. You can not force an individuals belief systems, by taxation, laws, or force. The human-spirit is not a controlled variable or scientific study.

Diet and weight loss is not by control, a magic pill, a new machine, or fad diet. There are honest Fat Loss Truths. If you honestly want to change your life, and change your body, I urge you to check out the Truth About Fat Loss.