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6 Tricks To Increase Muscle Growth FAST Video

One of the biggest struggles to increase muscle growth is that hard-body enthusiasts (yes, that’s you) are asking the WRONG questions in their fight for mass… that goes for female muscle growth too.

Natural muscle growth rarely happens because you are asking useless questions like:

-> How many reps should I do?

-> How may sets should I do?

-> What are the best exercises?

-> What is the best program?

-> Should I pick my nose between sets or get some water? (Just kidding on that one – at least I have not heard it yet).

When I first started weight training, I didn’t have a clue of what questions to ask either so those were the ones I reverted to.

I understand why you would ask these questions.  I get it.

However, the answers to these questions WILL NOT help you increase muscle growth.  The answers to these questions will not result in people starring at you like you are Goliath.

These are useless questions to ask if you are uninformed in applying the bigger principles that force these little details work.

So I’ve put together a little video for you sharing six of my “action steps” that you can do later today or tomorrow when you hit the gym and start supercharging your workouts and guarantee that you slap muscle on your entire body and experience natural muscle growth – even your stubborn body parts.

Enjoy the video…

I would love to hear what you think of the video. Also your answer to the following question?

What is the BEST muscle tip, trick or technique that you have used to increase muscle growth?