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By: Tollie Schmidt

Founder Tollie’s Out of the Darkness Project

CEO – Tollie International Inc. & International Speaker

“Empowering Greatness – Creating a Dream Infused Life”

I was out with some business associates and I was talking to one investor who has packed on about 15 pounds from stress. He has become overwhelmed with the current economic trends and his whole focus has made a shift to a negative view point.

To watch his spending he doesn’t go out as much and sits eats and watches the tube. His former active lifestyle has been replaced with mind numbing worrying about something he has no control over. I also heard from another friend who is stressed out while going to school, and worrying about job prospects after graduation.

As we talked I referenced a lot of familiar themes he is now creating through my past self doubt and obsession with money problems. I showed him how when I was working night and day everyday, trying harder to fix the problem I became even further in debt, I felt like a failure, gained 40 pounds and created misery for all those around me. I laughed and said the harder I tried the Universe just pushed back harder and it was only getting worse.

I said you want the key? Here it is, let it go. Let it all go right now! Do whatever makes you happy right this second. Be selfish and think only about you! He said, “you really do live in a dream world, don’t you?” I said yes and more and more everyday. Don’t believe me let’s examine what happened.

I dropped over 40 pounds in just under 6 weeks. I started having money show up in abundance. Those around me wanted me around all the time because I am full of life, laughter, vivid creative Passionate Dreams. Did I lose a lot of “stuff” yes! But the more the things went away the happier and healthier I felt.

Today I still have a couple issues to still allow to progress and come full circle. The outcome Im not worried about because Um happy and dreaming and loving so many more now. New larger dreams are coming into my life. New revenues of income with little or no effort are presenting themselves everyday.

When you free your mind you release your body of harmful toxins. You free your sole to dream into your true reality. You allow love, money, health and all you want to come into focus.

Don’t believe me ask yourself this question. On your worst day you can recall, did everything just seem to get worse and worse no matter your intentions? Now on your best day did you feel truly unstoppable and amazing and everything just seemed to work in your favor?

Your choice. Your life. You decide and roll the dice. Two options to choose today and then tomorrow will follow misery? Or happiness, health, money, and love!

It’s better than Monoply!

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