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Bodybuilding Training Tips For The Modern Bodybuilder

One who was born and happened to have died in mid last century would right fall back to the grave if he or she happened to arise from the dead and encounter one of the modern body building women. The 21st century has seen the emergence of women who prefer masculine physiques and who do not shy away from the gym. These Amazon type females have domesticated what was traditionally perceived as manly physiques.

Traditional society and a large section of the modern society favored weakling women as the most attractive. Femininity was and is still marked in fashion cycles as paper-thin physiques ether developed by strict malnourished diets or by diet pills. Most fashion magazines still propagate the ideal feminine figure as these skinny models who are always one meal away from a coffin. Surprisingly though, the number of teen-age girls pursuing these skinny physiques although still very high, is decreasing drastically as the image of a body building woman sinks deeper into the society’s cognition.

Women to a large extent are freeing themselves from the victimization subjected to their peers a few decades ago, barring them from building muscled and strong physiques. To understand the mindset of the 21st century body building woman, we have to appreciate the fact that women have now, than in any other time in history, ventured into fields hitherto regarded as male only fields. We now have female wrestlers, boxers, footballers, drivers and military personnel. These women have persistently struggled to establish themselves in repellant fields with considerable success not just by proving as smarter but also physically strong as the men.

These new perspective of the woman have successfully waged a war against the traditional notion that femininity was inscribed in thin and unhealthy physiques. They have stepped into the gym and are pounding the free weights day in day out to build on their muscle mass and strength. Physical training for fitness and fat loss was where the journey began. These largely aerobic classes enabled the 21st century woman establish some self-awareness and confidence that propelled her to the body building gym. Contemporary body building gyms and clubs have accepted female body builders as part and parcel of their membership and most put no barriers for those women interested to join.

However, most of these women who have stepped into the body building gym still refuse to lift weights intensely for fear of building too firm muscle groups and ‘look like men’. The fear is misplaced and passed by time and it is predictable that this will be a thing of the past very soon, given that some women in the body building industry are there with the sole intention of accumulating maximal muscle mass. The 21st century woman no longer considers the increase of muscle mass and strength as a synonymous move to a relinquish of her femininity.

Yet women don’t have to gain unfavorable bulky figures like the ancient Amazon women warriors to challenge this dominating mentality. A moderated approach to body building can be assumed to ensure maximal fat losses and weight control while increasing muscle strength, toning and definition.

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