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Wisdom Rising: A self-help guide to personal transformation, spirituality and mind/body/spirit holistic living

From alien life to the afterlife, to enlightenment, to the genius of Emanuel Swedenborg and Edgar Cayce, Wisdom Rising will have readers feasting on spiritual nuggets that go straight to the heart, gut and other body parts. In Wisdom Rising, readers will learn the answers to the all-important questions they never even thought to ask. Why does the stock market wait until you make an investment before going into a free fall? Is there a difference between a prayer that someone makes at a gambling table to roll a Lucky 7 and a prayer made at the bedside of a dying loved one? For the more serious-minded, Wisdom Rising will also show readers how to: make your mind your best friend by stopping your attention from bouncing around like a shot on a pinball machine; develop your ability to understand your value, power and worth without having to brush your teeth or dress up first; determine how spiritually healthy you are; and be in right relationship with your life purpose. From non-ordinary reality to wet burka contests, from the gospel according to the Talking Heads to a duel to the death with wallpaper, Wisdom Rising is chock full of enough mystical insights and humor to raise laugh-out-loud spiritual wisdom to a whole new dimension.

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Spiritual Emergency: When Personal Transformation Becomes a Crisis (New Consciousness Readers)

  • ISBN13: 9780874775389
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Argues that many episodes of transformational crisis have been misdiagnosed as mental illness, and explains how to use such a crisis for spiritual development.

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