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Cafe World Success – Menu Planning is Key

To achieve success in Cafe World, you want to design a menu which will please your guests so they want to keep coming back, give you top ratings, and provide more of the ever popular Cafe coins.  Here’s what you need to keep in mind for the perfect menu.

The first thing to do is to spend some time understanding how your dishes meet the demands of your customers.  It is natural to try to create dishes that you would normally enjoy ordering and eating.  However you must separate your personal preferences here and focus on what will sell well and make you a good profit.

Plan the menu around your schedule

It is important to choose the kinds of dishes which fit well with the time you can dedicate to the game.  There are many dishes to choose from and they all have a different cooking time ranging from 5 minutess to as long as 48 hours.  If you can only access the game once per day, then try to offer dishes which need to cook all day before you serve them.  Or if you are available to access the game on a more frequent basis, then offer dishes which fit that schedule.  Just spend some time properly planning this out so the dishes you make fit the best with your time available.

If you cook dishes and then let them sit on the stove, they will spoil very quickly and you will lose money – and customers.

Consider the amount each dish serves

Every dish has a different number of servings.  Since the dish is served from a serving table, it can only feed a fixed number of customers.  You therefore have to determine how much coin you can make from each dish based on its serving size.  If you end up making too many dishes and can’t serve them fast enough, you’ll fun out of room on your serving table. 

This will lead to the same problem as before – you will lose money AND customers.

Make sure you figure out what it costs you per serving of the dishes you make.  Then figure out how much profit you can make from each serving and how that equates to profit on an hourly basis.  So for example if you make a dish which brings you 10 coins per serving and you get 5 servings per dish every 2 hours then you’ll make 25 coins per hour.  This can help you to optimize the kinds of dishes you should cook as well.

Just keep in mind that the ideal menu provides you with the most coins per hour based on dishes which are optimized for your available schedule.  It sounds complicated but once you work on it for a while, it gets easier and your can develop the best possible menu.

I LOVE Cafe World but have struggled to be as successful with it as I’d like. But I found the answer to provide me with total domination of this game. I’ve zoomed through the levels and now have an awesome cafe. Check out these useful tips and resources for Cafe World Secrets Menu planning to feed a family of four a healthy diet on a budget is NOT as easy as I’d originally thought. It takes planning, but more than that it takes flexibility if you don’t want to get frustrated.

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