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Tollie’s Out Of The Darkness Project Presents:

Tollie’s   “Dreamer”

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It’s a Green light! Our new concept show is in Pre-Production and we are starting a preliminary casting call. Another Dream realized, Imagine… Tollie’s “Dreamer”.

I want to share with you a little background story about this show, and why “Now”, we are fully prepared to engage and unleash Passion for teens needing to believe in them selves.

Over the last couple months in my personal life and professional life there has been monumental changes. I began simplifying my life, reflecting on what truly mattered to me. I examined what are the keys to my ultimate happiness, health, and what truly propelled me to dream larger everyday. I just started asking myself one question, “If I died tomorrow, what decision would I make?”

My family was faced again with serious financial troubles. This time I was old enough to make an impact. My freedom began by completely let go of everything; I mean everything. For a while it felt as if I was completely free, and at peace. I started seeing things that at one time I would have never noticed. In a very short period of time I dropped 40 pounds of fat, without any major changes. My small ailments I was having, or should I say focused on disappeared. I just started asking myself if I died tomorrow what truly matter?

Then like a fire emerged inside raging, brought on with such power I once again was filled with Passion. This time though, I finally “Got It”! My dreams have began running wild; I have an abundance of energy pumping through my veins. I know that all my dreams are evolving around me.

Before, my passion was to help everyone I could; however, I couldn’t fulfill my dreams because money seemed to always be the catalyst I was missing, to achieve the goals I set forth. Once again I asked myself the question, if I died tomorrow what decision would I make?

Then it happened, my eyes opened and as an artist staring at his canvas ready to make the first stroke and create his masterpiece. A sun-drenched sky took hold, while piercing beams of light broke the clouds; the storm perished. However, the storm, the clouds, the money were all created by the resistance created within myself.

Dreams started flowing through me at a pace I still cannot even comprehend nor keep up with. Possessions were still leaving and everyday I was filled with greater joy, happiness and absolute passion, not for the future or tomorrow but for today. I just started living out my dreams and my true passion to create and envision a new world I could help mold.

I felt as I closed my eyes into my dreams, the feelings of those I would help and affect. I would have Goosebumps as I felt the ripple affect take place as my vision of teens living out their dreams and passions. Breaking the self-induced shackles of inner hells of eating disorders, depression, and self-doubt.

A dream where these kids were no longer looked upon as just kids but of an interval part of our expanding Universe; drafting their first chapters of their life early on and allowing them the access to network with mentors in their fields or interest to create.

I see the new world taking shape, new innovations, new visions, ideas and products coming from students and youth all over the world. I see no age barriers, I see ideas exchanged, visions shared, passions embraced as together with pure Love we propel a culture, into a piercing “shock and awe” affect.

We all have Greatness inside of us; we all have passions and dreams inside of us. The ripple affect will rage and in the presence of greatness labels, will dissipate, age will only be a number, and image will be slapped in the face.

This is our time of greatness; this is our time when ALL will take a stand for what really matters. Values will overcome greed and doubt. Love will eclipse fears and hate. Today it begins, today age will bear no weight, Today the famous exert from the Declaration of Independence will finally breathe life, no longer live as bound words on a piece of paper. Today I dream, Today I envision, Today I create, and today “ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL”. Today I DREAM…..