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Fit Kids Youth Obesity Childhood Obesity FitnessThe following video is from the My Kids First Coaching series helping parents introduce healthy and active lifestyle choices into their child’s daily routine to combat childhood obesity.

The My Kids First Coach videos is directed toward the development of motor skills in infants to 5 year olds. It describes to parents how to perform basic exercises with their children that will give them a life-long advantage while combating childhood obesity before it starts.

From Tollie Schmidt Dream-Infused Lifestyle News: Doctors and researchers agree that the solution to the childhood obesity epidemic starts during the child’s infancy.

Parents can take proactive steps to cultivate an active, healthy and athletic lifestyle as early as 6 weeks old. Simple exercises performed at this critical developmental period can result in advanced flexibility, hand-eye coordination, strength, confidence and even an enhanced aptitude for learning. Learn the Facts on Childhood Obesity

The My Kids First Coach program was designed to fill this growing void and give parents a turn-key approach to raising healthy and active kids. It’s developers have taken the existing research and combined it with their own diverse experiences to create “My Kids First Coach”. Childhood Obesity Article and Video Archive

Did You Know?

Our nation’s young people are, in large measure, inactive, unfit and increasingly overweight. Since 1980, the percentage of American children who are overweight has doubled and the percentages of adolescents who are overweight has nearly tripled.

This is a video I edited and helped shoot that geared at getting kids in shape. It’s available for purchase at My Kids First Coach: Exercise Video for Babies, Toddlers and Children
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