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Summer is kicking down your door and you need to get ripped –fast!

We live in a day of “high-speed” access and “instant everything,” we want it all now, and with the summer just around the corner, a ripped-to-the-bone, head turning, totally shredded physique is at the top of this list.

Flavia wants me to look “super hot” on our honeymoon and she’s doing the same for me and we’re both using Joel’s 25-day Xtreme Fat Loss Diet: Save $30 plus get 100 Rep Muscle for FREE when you order

In fact, this is our SECOND time relying on it because it worked SO well last time we did it.

I’ve already lost 6 pounds in 8 days so a little ahead of schedule. Realize, Joel’s program won’t help you lose fat at the snap of the fingers, but we can help you achieve extreme results in the shortest period of time possible.

How much and how fast?

Joel boasts 25 pounds of fat in 25 pounds in extreme cases. If you’re like me and already pretty lean, I’m predicting you lose at least 5% fat in the next 25 days.

I rely on my more traditional muscle building programs in conjunction to Joel’s diet and wanted to share the rules behind my weight training program for extreme fat loss:

The 5 Ways To Burn Fat With Weights:

Compound It

The weight training FREE BONUS I include, 100 Rep Muscle, when you purchase XFLD through my link, relies heavily on bench presses, deadlifts, military presses and other freeweight, basic
compound movements. Why? They used a greater number of muscles to assist and balance during the lift which burns more calories.

Positions Of Flexion

This is when you use three different exercises per body part. A lot of people do this all wrong. They will do a bench press and then a DB chest press. That’s essentially the same thing and a perfect way to overkill and overtrain your muscles. Positions of Flexion teaches you how to hit the bulk of the muscle fibers with a compound/midrange movement, then a stretch movement and then a contraction movements. This is a much more sensible approach, rather than a shotgun approach to selecting your exercises.


Reducing rest periods between sets burns more calories, which further contributes to losing that 5% of fat in 25-days. Rest periods in 100 Rep Muscle range from 30 seconds to 2 minutes maximum.

Regions Of Reps

There are two ways your body burns fat while weight training: Light weight/high reps and heavy weight/low reps. You’ll be exposed to some BRAND NEW rep and set schemes you’ve never tried before, totalling only 100 reps per body part.

Extend Yourself

You’ll be hitting the weights for 3 days straight and then taking 1 day off and then repeating the plan. It’s that simple.  It does not matter if you’re on a Cheat Day, Fast Day, Protein Shake Only Day, Depletion Day Or Moderate Carb Day. The weights are always the same: 3 days on, 1 day off and repeat. This gets you hitting the weights at least 6x a week. You could do 2 days on and 1 day off if you’re less experienced but that’s still 5 days of weight training a week. Anything less and you don’t have a chance of losing 5% of fat in 25 days.


Flavia and I do cardio 3 days on and 1 day off. Same as the weights. You can do your cardio in the morning on a empty stomach or after the weights. The nice thing about our cardio sessions with Joel’s plan is that it’s NEVER interval cardio.  Forget that! We just walk on a treadmill with a steep incline or go on the stairmaster. No more than 30-40 minutes a session.

Let the diet do all the work. I often listen to my iPod with some motivational books or CD’s while I do this. We usually drink a large black cup of coffee before our AM cardio plus another large black cup of coffee before the weights. You’ll have more energy and burn more fat.

5 Insider Strategies About Joel’s 5-Day Cycle:

Day 1 (Fast Day): Do a 3rd workout on your FAST DAY. I just go for a 30 minute walk outside or on some trails in the sun. This is the “fat-burning day” because your insulin levels are low enough to allow for maximum fat burning while retaining muscle.

Day 2 (Shake Day): Buy yourself a DELICIOUS tasting protein powder for your Protein Shake only days. My first three shakes are Vanilla protein powder and raspberries plus bananas. My last three protein shakes are chocolate protein powder and almond butter or natural peanut butter.

Day 3 (Moderate Carb Day): Go out for breakfast on the Moderate Carb day. Flavia and I always get a big veggie omelet with ham and Ii’ll have the potatoes and rye bread with natural peanut butter since I can have moderate carbs this day.

Day 4: (Protein Only Day): The hardest day for me is this day.  Only protein and veggies. I eat a lot of hardboiled eggs on this day, marinated fish and veggies and chicken and veggies. This is
supposed to be your off day but you can sneak in an extra cardio session if you want to lose fat faster.

Day 5 (CHEAT DAY!!!!): You know what to do! Eat your heart out. I usually eat a few chocolate banana peanut butter muffins and a few huge oatmeal cookies in the morning. I usually order a large pizza at some point during this day and do my best to include some ice cream as well. Have yourself a BIG workout too this day.

There you have it… INSIDER secrets for each day to help you speed up your results even faster.

I told you I’ve done this before and I wouldn’t endorse a program if it didn’t work for me or Flavia: CLICK HERE to save $30

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Talk soon,

Vince Del Monte

P.S. In a few hours Flavia and I are flying to Quebec to hang out with a bunch of fitness friends, have a little romance and go to the UFC fight in Montreal on Saturday night! We’re going to film some awesome workouts for you too!

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