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Custom tailored jeans trends 2010

For many seasons until now especially custom jeans in dark tones were popular. The trends of today return to original coolness through the shabby details: cuts, holes, torn knees or thighs – in case of new jeans looks the models can not look used enough. The fashionable used-look seems to be secondhand-shop clothe items.


According to the combination a relaxed, romantic or rocky style is creating using it. However, to present the trendy style in the best way one should choose the right top to go with it. The new personalized jeans can be found in the form of skinny models, hot pants, jeggings, or a boyfriend-cut. These pants are presented with stains, cuts or frayed edges, decent or large surfaced. In most cases these are light blue tones, which are finished in these techniques. The look can be found both in designer collections like 7 for all Mankind and in the collections of democratic customized denim brands, like Otto or Sisley.


Wide-cut torn jeans are perfectly combined with a wide lace blouse with hole-stitching or with flower-dotted blouses to create trendy farmer-girl look. Men should best of all  combine these baggy jeans with chequered shirts to create a “farmer boy” outfit. Those who can not be called the fans of such a rustic outfit should try a combination with a simple t-shirt or a rocky military-look.


This style also favors tight skinny jeans in used-look. They suit perfectly glamorous or military shirts. Combined with black color, rivets and rhinestones the outfit looks just gorgeous. Beautiful is also a combination of made to measure jeans in used look and light-brown leather – both in men’s and women’s wear.


Especially trendy look frayed jeans in the boyfriend-cut. Marine-tops and high-heeled shoes go well with them, completing the fashionable outfit. Also an oversized white shirt or a batik-look presents an ideal combination. Accessories like numerous long chains will give the outfit a glamorous touch.


Jeans with cuts, be it a rock-n’-roll or a country look, are certainly not suitable as a business outfit. However, decent forms of this trend could perhaps be acceptable in the companies with a free dress-code. Anyway, wearing bleached and torn tailor jeans you should always be careful in order not to look cheap.


The combinations of used look with a customized or custom jeans top require perfect taste and intuition. As a matter of fact is the allover-look rather tasteless. However, there are certain exceptions of jeans vests and jackets, which build a strong color contrast t the pants. Anyway, jeans and the top you wear together should not be both in a used-look. The contrast to noble-looking accessories like shoes and bags makes the outfit even more effective.


The good news is also the fact used look can be handmade at home. Certain places of subculture jeans can be treated with a razor blade; smaller spaces can be cut out with the scissors and then frayed by hand. To make custom jeans in a bleached look one can use special bleaching solutions. However, be aware of the environmental effect and the fact the result achieved can differ from the concept greatly. Because Domestos-look of jeans is quite often associated with the skin-heads.


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