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Diet Bars – 2 Pitfalls to Avoid when Looking for Diet Bars

If you’re trying to lose weight or burn body fat, you may be interested in buying some diet bars.  While fresh, whole foods are best for losing weight, diet bars, powders, meal replacements, and other easy-to-eat foods can be great for convenience for busy people.  Read on to find 2 pitfalls you must avoid when looking for good diet bars.


1. Bad Carbs


Now that the low-carb craze has somewhat passed, more and more people seem to understand that there are carbs that are good for you, and some carbs that aren’t so good for you.  One problem with many diet bars is that they contain horrible carbs that will make you gain weight!


Look at the ingredients – if maltodextrin, dextrose, or some other refined sugar or starch is one of the first ingredients, put that diet bar down!  You want diet bars which have their carbs coming mainly from some type of whole grain.  Many diet bars use oats as this carb source.


2. Low Protein


Protein is extremely important for anyone looking to lose weight and burn body fat.  Eating proper amounts of it will help speed up your metabolism and give you steady energy throughout the day.


Therefore, you need to avoid diet bars which are low in protein and comprised mainly of carbs and fats.  These products are good for athletes who need energy to get through training or competitions, but they are horrible for someone looking to lose weight.  These nutrients in high amounts will make you fatter!

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