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eHarmony Canada Coupon Attracts Online Daters

You have seen the commercials but have you ever given it a try? eHarmony Canada, the Canadian version of the internationally renowned, has no problem attracting online daters so why have they recently released two discount coupons?

In 2000, Dr. Neil Clark Warren employed his 35 years experience as a clinical psychologist counseling thousands of married couples to create  A few years earlier, Dr. Warren observed that there must be a better way to match couples than relying on chance alone.  Teamed with Dr. Galen Buckwalter, they set out to identify the key characteristics present in happy and successful long-term relationships. This extensive research became the foundation and framework for what is now known as  In the years following, eHarmony has branched out to include regional sites in Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Today, eHarmony is the number one trusted relationship service provider in Canada. reports that there are an average of 236 weddings per day resulting from couples who were matched on eHarmony websites. In addition to, eHarmony operates eHarmony Labs – a relationship research site, eHarmony Advice – a successful relationship advice site and eHarmony Marriage – an online marriage counseling service based on the core tenant of eHarmony personal compatibility.   

How Does Work?
eHarmony Canada operates exactly like the US The eHarmony compatibility models are customized and adapted to be optimally suited to the Canadian population.  eHarmony has millions of members that come from a very diverse cross-section of social, race and religious walks of life.  eHarmony Canada’s Compatibility Matching System match you with others based on 29 different personality dimensions.  These compatibility dimensions are the key to a successful long-term relationship.

Each new member must complete a Relationship Questionnaire.  The Relationship Questionnaire takes upward of sixty minutes to complete and is intentionally in-depth. Immediately after completing your Relationship Questionnaire, you will receive your in-depth Personality Profile – a very personal report that describes who you are, how others perceive you and what you need in a relationship partner.

eHarmony’s Compatibility Matching System will then search through millions of users to identify only individuals who are highly compatible with you. You can review the profiles of your compatible matches for free. The eHarmony Canada website provides free tools and tips to help you decide which of your matches to communicate with. And when you are ready to start communicating with your matches, just select one of eHarmony’s membership plans (1-month, 3-month, 6-month, or 1 year).

While eHarmony has spent a great deal of time and research to ensure that you are compatible with your matches, only you can tell if there is magic there. The best way to see if there is magic is to communicate. Take your time and get to know your matches at your own pace. even has a Guided Communication option to help you show interest without the risk of getting shot-down.

eHarmony has spent and continues to spend large sums of money on research into what makes a long-term relationship successful. This research is continuously used to better the eHarmony Compatibility Models and your chances of finding that perfect someone. This type of research and development is expensive and as a result, eHarmony is not exactly cheap.  eHarmony is aware of this fact and they do not believe that this should prevent deserving singles from finding the happiness that they deserve. With this in mind, eHarmony Canada has introduced two online eHarmony Canada Coupons that save you up to 20% off of the price of your membership depending on how long you register for.  These coupons are available through select online affiliate sites.

Meet your perfect match and save up to 20% with the eHarmony Canada coupons.

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