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Essential Amino Acids

What do you understand by the term ‘Essential Amino Acids’?  Before understanding what essential amino acids are,
let us understand amino acids. Amino acids are essentially molecules containing an amine group, a carboxylic acid
and a side chain. These are present in varying proportions in different amino acids. Amino acids play a vital role in our
metabolism. In layman’s language, amino acids are building blocks of protein. Our body being composed of protein
contain different forms of amino acids. Now, Essential amino acids are those amino acids that are vital for our existence. However, these cannot be synthesized by our body and as result of which they have to be supplied     
through food.

There are primarily eight types of amino acids that are essential for our body. They are: phenylalanine, valine, threonine, tryptophan, isoleucine, methionine, leucine, and lysine. Apart from this, cysteine, tyrosine histidine, tyrosine, histidine and arginine are required by infants and adolescents. Determining the exact amount of amino
acids needed by human beings is still a matter of study and research. WHO has recommended standard intake of amino
acids. But it is a known fact that the amount of amino acids or for that matter any nutrient depends upon various
factors, like age, sex, metabolism, lifestyle and may others. People involved in sports and in particular
bodybuilding have requirements different from a common man. Understanding one’s requirements goes a long way
in ensuring that one leads a healthy life.

The main sources of Amino acids are eggs, chicken, meat, soybean, almonds, alfalfa, beetroots, carrots,
cabbages and diary products. But in order to include all the essential amino acids in adequate proportions,
one may need to have a variety of food day in and day out. Consuming all sorts of food every day is not practical
in the times that we live. food supplements provide an easy way for amino acid intake. With supplements,
you can save time and ensure that you are getting the recommended doses of essential amino acids as well.
but investing in fake and cheap products can prove to be harmful for health and would be a wastage of money at the
same time. if you are in Ireland, finding a genuine product has become lot more easier than ever before.
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