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by EzLost

Find Out How To Avoid Hoodia Gordonii Scams

Find out how you could Stay clear of online                                            Hoodia Gordonii Scams  We all wanna stay clear of             Hoodia Gordonii scam , but do we all actually  do it ? I don’t think so unfortunately. Research shows that thousands of consumers ate being scammed every single year by people selling fake Hoodia Gordonii pills. So how could we avoid being scammed by these Hoodia scammers? In truth you must use multiple methods if you really want to stay clear of these scammers because these thieves are very sneaky in their practices and hide everything they do. First of all you should check out their customer service. Just because they have a “contact us” button on their website doesn’t mean anything. I’ve been to many of the websites that have a similar button such as “live. Chat” but they “always” seemed to be “busy assisting other customers” it remind me of some of the legit companies who tell you ” your wait will be 15 minutes” just here the message is something to the effect of ” your wait will be 90 days or forever” anyways you get the point I think so why don’t you just send them a quick email to check if they really answer your questions (and if they don’t answer your questions now dint expect them to do do when you want to return their product. This method is actually one of the best and most effective ways to detect Hoodia Gordonii scams. (and for that matter any scam). Next make sure they have a  valid certificate of analysis, CITES certificates and some kind of medical endorsement (the sites that I use actually have several medical endorsements- the more the better. Next look for a toll free number you could contact them with (usually in top right hand corner of the website). Next be sure to look for honest and independent reviews for the specific brand your purchasing. Finally, don’t buy Hoodia for too cheap . Cheap isn’t always good especially in this case where                              100% Real Hoodia Gordonii  isn’t cheap at all to produce so your probably getting something fake if it’s really very cheap. Happy Dieting, Only the best- Mike. Avoid Hoodia Gordonii Scams.

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