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Finding Love From Afar…don’t Limit yourself to Local Singles Only.

When searching for a new partner online you don’t have to search in your local area. The internet has opened up the world and gives people more flexibility with dating then ever before. You can meet singles from anywhere in the world on many dating websites. If this sounds interesting and appealing to you, look for those sites that offer the most number of country options when you sign up.

Finding a new partner online can be more than simply looking for a new friend or a date. You can turn it into an adventure!

Maybe you’ve lived in your town to long and you’re looking for a change. Maybe you’ve been in the same job for years and you’re thinking of applying for something in another city or country. Whatever you’re looking for in your future, you can find someone to suit in a place you want to be in.

Dating across the miles can also offer exciting opportunities for travel AND fun!

When you’re joining an online dating website, don’t be afraid to open your search and your profile up to a larger area, rather then simply ‘within 20 miles’ or ‘your city’. Maybe there’s a place where you’ve always thought of going to but

because you didn’t know anyone there you were reluctant. You may want to travel for the summer and find a companion to share your experiences with. Meeting someone where you plan to take a holiday or visit may start out as a friendship,

but if you’re looking for a more serious long-term relationship, you may find love in places you never before dreamed possible!

So, get your passport updated and start searching. Whether its next door, in your own town, or in a city far from where you are now, there’s sure to be someone just right, no matter where you’re looking! For more, please visit us at

Eddie Vedder, Stone Gossard, Jeff Ament and Matt Dillon as ‘Citizen Dick’ on the movie ‘Singles’ (1992)

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