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By: Tollie Schmidt

Founder Tollie’s Out of the Darkness Project

CEO – Tollie International Inc. & International Speaker

“Empowering Greatness – Creating a Dream Infused Life”

explicit video
The following Fitness Tips Video’s have some explicit language. If you are offended by minor cursing please do not watch these fitness video’s. The fitness tips in the following video’s are excellent and easy to understand, rather then the normal health exercise jargon. Also, they discuss fitness tips and exercises you want to know about but are to shy to ask someone about. Want to know how to shape a sexy butt? Yeah! Most females would say their butt is a common trouble area and are always looking for new exercises to shape and tone.


Explaining how to get in shape quick and efficiently for the summertime and a lifetime…a few do’s and dont’s fitness ideas and secret. workout and cardio talk, you know? the good and boring stuff.

Want a sexy body? You can tone up and get rid of that unwanted extra baggage! Do it fast – with these tips! More ways to get sex appeal – CLICK HERE:

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Let’s not kid ourselves ladies, whether you believe it or not- the rules of today are this. As women, we will always be judged on how sexy you ARE or AREN’T. Whether you are silently suffering in your own body, your relationships or in your life, or celebrating your sexy factor to the utmost, every woman has a sexy component that can be continuously nurtured, developed and loved.

We as women are naturally sensual creatures by design and it is now up to us to either NEGLECT it or NURTURE our sexy, sensual side.
Sexy Body Diet