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free book tollie's body image quotesTollie International Inc., is proud to announce the release of Tollie’s second book, “The Body Image Illusion”, set to be released Summer 2011.

What is the Body Image Illusion?

The illusion lies within the the unconscious mind. Failed diets, constant dieting, Eating disorders, Depression, self-mutilation and even suicide are linked through a thin “lie”. This lie is sadly told and reinforced by our won thoughts and perception of ourselves. However, there is a code to unlock your full understanding of these thoughts, patterns and behaviors. The truth is you will learn what events, or thoughts created this self imposed prison, and learn the steps to create lasting change and control over your life.

I do believe that the single most important thing I could ever, ever share with you, with regard to maximizing the health, harmony, and happiness in your life, not to mention expediting the manifestation of your heart’s fondest desires, can be summed up in just one word:

Love yourself.

Okay, two words.

Love yourself… Tollie.

Learn more as we prepare for this exciting International release.

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