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Quick and Easy Recipes * Raw Food Diet Menu * Corn Recipes * Raw Food Weight Loss * Your love & support for the liferegenerator is infinitely appreciated: ❤ Visit the LIFE REGENERATOR STORE for my Favorite Juicer & More ❤ ❤ A TRUE Raw Food Whole Food Meal! Totally 100% Raw Corn on the Cob, Tomato Slices, Cucumber Chunks & Cilantro… spritzed with Lime Juice ❤ * I ngredients * …missing quantities are up to you for this one!… — Raw Corn on the Cob (yes, totally raw, NOT even so much as lightly steamed…although if you need to steam them, we won’t tell anyone…) — Beefsteak Tomatoes — Cucumbers* — 1 bunch of Cilantro — 1 Lime *unpeeled if organic; peeled if inorganic * P reparation * — 1) Shuck the corn, and lay out on what will be each person’s lunch or dinner plate. — 2) Slice the beefsteak tomatoes into very large pieces & slice the cucumbers lengthwise into quarters, setting all sliced tomatoes & cucumbers along side the shucked ears of corn. — 3) Chop the cilantro into large pieces, and divide among all of the plates as well. — 4) Use a manual citrus juicer or a citrus hand juicer to squeeze the juice of the lime over everything on each plate, but concentrating most heavily on the cilantro and the corn. — 5) Serve, and enjoy! * I nspiration * — I wanted to share with you a REAL raw food meal, meaning one that is more typical for a REALLY quick and simple raw food dinner. This recipe involves no machines! But I do use a knife… — The top