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From skinny models to wide-legs: tailor made jeans of the year 2010

Clothes items made from good old customized denim stay in our wardrobes regardless of weather, season and changeable fashion trends. But why do we love custom jeans so much?


First of all, thanks to their universal nature. Jeans can be worn on any occasion and in any situation as well as combinations. Secondly, perfectly fitting made to measure jeans have long ago become a fashion axiom, like a small black dress or a loyal friend, who will never let you down. Let us take a look at the five cuts of tailor made jeans – skinny, wide-leg, straight cut as well as ultra trendy jeggings and boyfriend jeans.


Skinny tight jeans, figure-fitting like leggings are beyond dispute the key heroes of our fashion époque. And this is quite reasonable – ideally fitting skinny jeans combined with shoes or peeps on high heels look even sexier than a short revealing dress.


In order to become persuaded you can just take a look at stylish images created by Victoria Beckham or Kate Moss – these reckless fashion victims adore skinny jeans.


What do you best of all combine these jeans with? In case you happen to have wide thighs you should wear skinny jeans with a long tunic or a long top. In case you have miniature figure and a small height, choose architectural tops, for example, a tailored jacket in the men’s wear style. Good variants of skinny jeans can be found in the collections by Zara and Topshop.


Straight jeans without excessive details are classics forever. The greatest advantage of straight custom design jeans is the fact they can replace classical trousers in many cases.


For example, in case your office dress-code allows it, you can combine straight cut jeans with classical tailored jackets and single-colored shirts. Minimum of accessories plus comfortable shoes – and your ideally thought over image for every day is ready!


In the evening you can replace the shirt with a top for going out. When buying straight cut jeans you should always pay attention to the waist line of jeans. If you are tall you’d better choose low waist or standard waist line, small women should choose high-waisted jeans. In case of the right cut choice this waistline creates visually longer legs.


Wide-leg subculture jeans, especially bell-bottomed jeans return us to the sunny 1960s. The children of flowers made wide-leg bell-bottomed jeans extremely popular back then. Today this cut is still popular, especially when combined with ethnical elements – colorful plant ornaments and prints, embroidery and patterns, as well as in combination with shoes and bags made from natural materials.


Thus we create a summer ecological look. By the way, fashion designers advise always to combine bell-bottomed jeans with high heels or platform – this balances figure proportions visually.


Boyfriend jeans were introduced by Katy Holmes and have become a must-have of the season. Boyfriend jeans look gorgeously in relaxed casual look worn with cotton t-shirts and men’s accessories – hats and Oxford shoes.


Jeggings represent a revolutionary invention of the latest decade. Probably the best examples of this clothes item can be found in the collection 6126 by Lindsay Lohan. They can be worn with ultra short dresses, long tops and shirts. Another interesting variant represents the whole wardrobe made from denim – from the shoes and jacket to custom jeans accessories.


stella tornton