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Perfect Cleanse™ Kit
A Whole New Way to Cleanse

Available At: Discount Nutrition and Sports Supplements
• A whole new way to cleanse to maintain optimal cell, tissue, and organ function.
• Natural and easy to use,10 day internal cleanse system for use in the evening, does not require fasting and will not disrupt every day activities.
• Three easy steps that gently work in synergy with the body’s own internal detoxification system to cleanse, capture, and remove toxins from the body.
• Comprehensive, self contained kit that provides triple action benefits through three individual, all natural product components.
• Includes a comprehensive and informational construction booklet.
• Includes a free, easy to follow instructional CD featuring Garden of Life founder Jordan Rubin and Dr. Joseph Brasco discussing “A Whole New Way To Cleanse” using Perfect Cleanse.
• Free of gluten and other potential allergens such as nuts, soy, eggs and milk.
• Contains no stimulant laxatives.