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Im getting ready to head off to the airport to head out for the New Years, and wanted to just leave everyone with a reminder. 2010 is a New Year, actually every day is a NEW day. To me this is the year of the big dreams. I get to ring in the New Year in the beautiful mountains with the beautiful Anna, and sit by a fire while sharing stories of our future. In March my new book and program is being released Worldwide, yes; finally! And there is quite a bit more, but those details will be coming soon enough. I want you to dream for yourself, and most importantly.

Oh yeah, regarding your ancient spiritual contracts, that outlined every facet of the life you now lead? Well, just wanted to remind you that they’re all re-written every dawn, and perpetually updated as each day unfolds.
Proving yet again that nothing is meant to be, that you are truly unlimited, and that anything can happen next, if you choose it.


Let the Mojo, Floowww…

Happy New Year and a dream-infused 2010!

See ya next year!