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Question by Jordan Pickell: Has anyone ever tried “Electroconvulsive Therapy” ? Did it work for you ?
Apparently many psychiatrists claim that “Electroconvulsive Therapy should only be used as a last resort and that the results are not always promising, however I also heard that it can be a good tool in controlling severe depression and ultimately allowing the patient to overcome their depression.

Have you ever tried it ?

Best answer:

Answer by Beckerellavictoriana
I have had electrohsock therapy 10 times.. The first time was after a suicide attempt, I had it every week for a month. I suffer from borderline and ocd, along with drug addiction problems and depression, anxiety, and a bit of psychoticness. I am 21 turning 22 in a month. Of course back then I was put in a mental ward, I have been there four times and do not recommend it to anyone, It’s like jail and way worst than rehab, and I’ve been to an especially bad one in a third world country, there I’ve been choked, scared, abused by a nurse and many other things, I got electroshock therapy the third time in a ward (first visit to the bad one) then I got it done again repeatingly when I became a violent and agressive, unstable, coke addict I got sent to the bad one again and was deprived of my loved one it was horrible, I got out of course and never been to a ward again, although a few weeks ago I was close to it for addiction problems. Electroshock therapy hurts when they put you to sleep it feels like you can’t breathe, then they wake you up and it leaves holes in your past. It does not work. At least for me it never did.

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