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Healthy Meals for Healthy Kids: 80 Delicious Recipes for Kids of All Ages

Childhood obesity has hit record levels and parents remain confused over what foods deliver the vital nutrients growing bodies require. Healthy Meals for Healthy Kids explains how to ensure kids get a balanced diet that will help boost their concentration, increase their energy, and improve their performance in school. Of course, even the healthiest meals do no good if the child won’t eat them, and that’s why these 80 illustrated recipes are not only nutritious, but delicious and visually appealing. The scrumptious offerings include Turkey Meatballs and Rice, Cheese & Tomato Squares, and yummy Sticky Chocolate Bananas. What kid could resist? Additionally, there are tips for easily incorporating fresh and organic foods into children’s diets, plus a list of “superfoods” that pack a serious nutritional punch.

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