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Looking for a beauty line that protects your skin and a greater cause? Look no further than Kiss My Face.

This natural body care brand just released a “Peace Soap” product to support SeedsofPeace.Org, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering young people from regions of conflict to become leaders. The soap is super gentle and consists of 100 percent natural ingredients like coconut, olive, and jojoba oils to help sensitive skin. It also helps the environment by reducing your carbon footprint and waste. KMF pledges to donate 10 percent of the product’s profits to SOP, so be sure to grab a bottle ASAP. Now that’s a skin-care product you can feel good about!

Do you use Kiss My Face? Share your beauty secrets below!

Kiss My Face all-natural body care company is no newcomer to the recent explosion of green product marketers. The brainchild of two long-time vegetarians searching for healthy body care products, Kiss My Face was founded on a 200-acre organic farm in New York’s beautiful Hudson River Valley. It is still located in the Hudson Valley today, operating out of a former feed store and converted barn. From moisturizers to liquid soaps, shower gels to toothpastes, shaves to deodorants, Kiss My Face has products that are effective and good for you.

The latest scientific research combined with the most effective ingredients nature has to offer leaves no room in Kiss My Face products for artificial colors, unnecessary chemical additives, animal ingredients or animal testing. Vitamins, minerals and botanicals are utilized to the maximum. The results—glamour does not have to be sacrificed for healthy, cruelty-free products! Everybody wins— farmers, animals, the planet and your beautiful body from face to feet! Kiss My Face products are the most effective you’ll encounter anywhere… just ask anyone who uses them!

Want to know the whole Kiss My Face story?

Picture this…

Scene 1: It’s the dawn of the 1980’s. A couple of (very) young vegetarians are living happily on an organic farm in an ancient house, once used as a hospital during the revolutionary war.

Scene 2: One night in front of a crackling fire a “LIGHT” goes on and the two modestly decide to revolutionize the cosmetic industry. Lofty plans with loads of creativity and style are created. The Kiss My Face natural body care company is born, starting with some big, ugly, green bars of pure olive oil soap from Greece. But there is absolutely no money. The stage is now set for a business disaster.

Scene 3: The boys load the soap and some organic squash from their garden into the aging VW and head to New York City, all the way hoping the proverbial door won’t be slammed in their idealistic faces.

Scene 4: It isn’t! Retailers offer overwhelming support, think the olive oil soaps are beautiful, buy the squash and even buy them lunch occasionally! The boys are smiling.

Scene 5: Kiss My Face launches Kiss Organics, the planet’s first facial care made with wild-crafted and organic ingredients and no artificial anything!

Scene 6: “The Big Barbecue.” Disaster strikes on the windy night of May 11, 1997. The warehouse and distribution center burns to the ground. The entire Kiss My Face team pulls together, bustin’ their ashes to be up and running in no time, better that ever.

Scene 7: Fast forward to today. The VW was traded in for a hybrid but the boys still have their youthful enthusiasm. Now, with a successful line of over 200 bath and body, oral care, cosmetic and home products, sold in over 19 countries worldwide, Kiss My Face has become a respected leader in natural body care. Kiss My Face has you covered from head to toe, with a few stops in between.