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In order to discuss whether or not to use herbs for teen depression, we must first look at what teen Depression looks like. We must also consider the possible causes for depression. Finally, we will discuss treatments of teen Depression. A few suggestions that may help you and your teen will be provided.

Teen Depression and Suicide Treatment:

Teen Depression and Suicide Treatment:

Symptoms of Teen Depression

Teens are characteristically moody so teen Depression can be missed. Grades may drop, and there may be evidence that their performance in school is deteriorating. They may not have the same enthusiasm or motivation like before. They are restless and express anger and rage. Changes in their appetite or sleeping patterns, either too little or too much could indicate Depression. Substance Abuse and/or suicidal thoughts or attempts may occur. If you suspect you’re teen may be depressed get them help as soon as possible.

Causes of Teen Depression

Life events such as death of a friend or loved one, breaking up with someone, and failure may all trigger symptoms of Depression in teens. Losing a job and chronic illnesses can also trigger Depression. Other traumatic events such as abuse of all kinds and being in a serious accident may also cause Depression in teens.

[smartads]Treatments for Teen Depression

Treatments for teens who are depressed may include Psychotherapy or talk therapy. Medications such as antidepressants might be prescribed. While on this medication your teen should be monitored as some of the antidepressants may cause your teen to have suicidal thoughts and some may actually attempt it. Your support is essential to your teen’s recovery.

Herbs for teen Depression are most definitely an option for treatment. Many herbs are used as seasonings and others can be blended into supplements. Other herbs like Chamomile can be brewed into teas and others such as Dandelion Root can be used in salads as well. As with any change to a health plan you should consult with your child’s doctor to determine if herbs are acceptable in treating your teen’s depression and if there are any conflicts with prescriptions they may be taking. A high quality will have had the interactions of the ingredients studied.

The metabolic paths of the ingredients should have been tested. The ingredients should be made at pharmaceutical grade to ensure potency, efficacy, and the ingredients of the supplements that are on the label are what is actually in your supplement.

Conclusion with Helpful Hints

Get help for your teen is imperative. Make sure all appointments are kept and if medicine is prescribed be sure your teen is actually taking it. Provide them a healthy diet and help them to get enough sleep. Your teen should be encouraged to keep a journal and allow them to share it or not. It could reveal patterns of behavior or through the writing your teen may discover new things about themselves. Consider having a no suicide contract with your teen that is both verbal and written. If your teen is talking about committing suicide, first call 911 and then call their therapist, you need to tell someone. Above all else, let your teen know how much you love them. Have confidence in yourself and if you need it get help.

We have found pure and natural depression supplements that can also help with anxiety and overall general well being.

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