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Question by Lauren: how can a kid earn 400 dollars fastly?
okay well i want this treadmill and exercise bike really badly. the treadmill is 287 dollars and the bike is 92.58 dollars. they are both really nice and ive tried them out (the same thing) at walmart. and they would fit in my room, my mom said yes as long as i pay. i probably know what you’re thinking: “why would a kid exercise for fun?” or: “a kid would definetely get tired of this after a while.” and the answer is because i love exercising. my first favorite hobby is figure skating, second working out. it’s very fun and i could do it all day. so back to the point: how can i raise 400 dollars by the end of the month? im not interested in online survey’s and i dont get allowance. i have 2 dollars to my name. oh and i cant do much chores. im only 12 so i cant get a job yet:( please help me out, i want this so badly!

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Answer by cole8865
You won’t be able to unless you improve your grammar.
But in all seriousness, that will be hard, but if you ask people around the neighborhood if they need help with odd-jobs, (mowing the lawn, watering plants, walking dogs) it could happen. Also, if you’re a girl, babysit. That’s probably the easiest way to gain that much money. But do you need the treadmill by the end of the month?

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