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How to Attract Beautiful Women

Most men find it very difficult to approach and attract women and a lot of them are finding for ways on how to attract beautiful women. They may score a date but they end up spending their entire savings for 2 months and what do they get? They just get a date – no kiss, no passionate night, and possibly, no next date. The only thing that they get is that date for one night. But some guys are just so desperate; they won’t stop. They would apply different ways on how to attract beautiful women – they’d try to call the girl again and again, send her lavish gifts, but still they end with zero and the girl might even reject them down to last atom of their body. But, there are some women who would do something instead of the violent rejection. They’d tell the guy that they should remain friends, and because of that, the desperate guy would be very happy and so, in turn, the guy would keep on giving the girl lavish gifts, and so, the girl has a new, if not matter, man-slave.


This is what happens to most men in most cases, and only a very few gets the ability to attract those beautiful ladies, and when they attract a beautiful lady, they attract not only one; they attract more than one at once. These very few men seldom give gifts, but when they do, no matter how simple that gift is, women feel so happy and so special. So what makes these very few men so attractive to the beautiful ladies? They know effective ways on how to attract beautiful women and they know that it is the way that they live their life and the way that they treat these women.


To become one of these few men is actually pretty simple, but to some, it may take a lot of practice and self-control. Women aren’t actually attracted by the face value of things; their mind actually digs deeper to what they see and what they hear. So when you see women who are attracted to a man with a killer v-shaped lean and mean body, they are not just actually attracted to the looks of his body; they are attracted to the effort, self-discipline and strength that have been put into the sculpting of that body. With this in mind, you do not necessarily have to have a killer body, but you must be self-disciplined and strong in mind and body.


Also, if you really want to attract beautiful ladies, you must engage in many activities, the more productive and unusual, the better it would be. A man who lives a boring life will just bore women, and not only, but everyone, so be sure to have an active lifestyle.


Beautiful women are used to being treated like an unreachable goddess, men would carry their bags, paying all the bills for them, and being apologizing for every mistake, no matter how small, in other words, they’re being sorry for being alive. There’s nothing wrong doing those things, they are signs of trying to become a gentleman. But the problem is that in trying so hard to become a gentleman, you come to a point where you degrade yourself. So the next time that you do some favor for a woman, do it with dignity.


Knowing different ways on how to attract beautiful women is a good start. Once you have the rules, you can have the chance to attract these gorgeous girls and have a constant date.

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