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How To Develop Kids Eating Habits

As we progress through life at some point we may choose to settle down and raise a family, this of course has its own challenges and a very steep learning curve.

One area we must be knowledgeable in is diet to ensure our kids eat the correct foods to promote health and development.

This is very significant in the child’s early years and should be monitored from birth, as the child develops if their diet lacks a nutritional content as well as vitamins this could have effects on potential growth.

However as with many children trying to get them to eat a healthy diet can present a number of obstacles, most kids will always take the sweet option rather than vegetables or fruit.

Some times as parents we need to resort to sneaky tactics to get our kids to eat well , some of the following points may help.

A very good way to introduce new foods is to have the kids helping you in the kitchen; kids learn and develop by touching, feeling and of course tasting new foods.

Children are inquisitive by nature and at a younger age enjoy stirring and pouring, whilst the older kids may help with measuring ingredients and preparing meals.

When a child has assisted in the preparation of a meal they are more likely to eat it (an element of pride may be evident)

If we as parents show that the meal is good and finish it up the children are more likely to do the same.

With marketing strategies employed by the major brands recently its easier for the kids to relate to foods by association, for example the kids favourite cartoon character could be on the packaging of a particular food thus encouraging a good diet.

A similar ploy has been carried out on biscuits and crackers, the down side to this is that numerous sweet manufacturers do the same which means as a parent we need to monitor this.

If you have concerns that your methods are not working as good as you want whereby a short fall exists in the nutritional intake then possibly a vitamin supplement could be an option, similarly the market is swamped with brightly coloured goods to assist in the kids consumption.

Vitamins and minerals are also available in drink or liquid form, so no matter how picky the child is options are available to ensure a healthy and balanced diet.

If you find the child refuses to eat one or two particular foods you should be able to provide additional options with similar nutritional values.

However if the child refuses everything it may be more of a behavioural issue than not liking the foods.

Health centres are good places to go to pick up information on specific topics relating to kids nutrition.


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