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Hydroxycut 7 Day Cleanse Diet – Does it Have Any Health Implications As a Weight Loss Supplement?

Hydroxycut 7 Day Cleanse Diet

Have you taken a Hydroxycut product with the hopes of losing pounds, having more energy and burning fat? You aren’t alone. Hydroxycut now markets a new product called hydroxycut hardcore, which builds upon the brand awareness of their original product. More than 9,000,000 packages of the product have been sold in the USA at food store stores, drugstores and health / vitamin stores like GNC.

But new info tells us the complications of taking Hydroxycut can be harsh, including permanent liver damage and kidney failure. When Hydroxycut was introduced to the public, it was thought to be a weight reduction miracle product, as so many other products are. Unfortunately, the FDA doesn’t regulate dietary supplements quite like their chemical-based counterparts. Hydroxycut 7 Day Cleanse Diet

However as folk experienced symptoms, they started to question whether the drug’s side-effects completely outweigh its weight reduction benefits. The Hydroxycut that’s available in the market today is a reformulated herbal supplement that replaced the first Hydroxycut Ephedra diet tablets. Hydroxycut hardcore has become the reinvention of the original formula, and represents hydroxycut’s current answer and approach to weight loss. Unfortunately, their are risks associated with it.

The herb ephedra was banned by the Food and Drug Authority 1 or 2 years gone. After the banning of the first Hydroxycut Ephedra tablets, Lovate Health Sciences, the maker of the herbal supplement, released one or two differentiations of the new formula. Among them was the Hydroxycut Hardcore, which was sold heavily as an iron pumper’s supplement. Shortly after the recall, the manufacturer tried to take away the damaging ingredient that can have caused all of the perilous side-effects among shoppers. To date, they have done this, but please be cautious that you don’t buy an older, outdated version of it. Hydroxycut 7 Day Cleanse Diet

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