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If You Had The Power To Change The World Today-Would You?

Last night I was with some friends who have been helping and pushing me to create our vision. We were also celebrating, because of where we came from and the impact we were making. I was sharing emails and letters from people who decided to be great. We talked about dreams and how to create more opportunities for others to dream.

As we were reading some of the emails a friend of mine Jessica, looked over and said, “It must be an incredible feeling when you read those letters, knowing you helped.” I didn’t answer right back because I have been thinking about this a lot lately. I explained the letters and emails I want to see and read are letters not thanking “ME” for anything. Perhaps I helped a little, or they read something to inspire, who knows. The main thing is I don’t want them taking away their personal victory, I want them to be proud that “THEY” did it, they made the decision, they dreamed, and they became “GREAT”!

I took this a step further and this is the point I want to make today. If you read something of mine or I personally help you and a change takes place, you embrace a greater you I have a favor. That moment, in that day, do not thank me! I want you to go make an impact in someone elses life. If it was only words which inspired a change, then send out an email, send out a bulletin, inspire one more person. You do not have to know them, everyone matters, ask them to do the same thing, inspire! Be available to friends and family to listen, take time if a stranger walks up and starts talking just listen. You never know the impact you taking 5 minutes to only listen may have in that persons life. When you walk around keep your head high, and smile at others, especially if they have their head down.

Take the high-road in life, take flight and know that when others attack, or words hurt that they are only words. Take flight, because you have control over yourself, your happiness, your success, your dreams. Honestly, if you are out everyday listening when someone needs an ear, when you smile because someone is carrying pain and they smile back, when you inspire another person and in return inspire others, then in all honesty can these “words” bear any weight or truth?

I believe in these moments, this is when you truly define how great you are, because they can be either the hardest or easiest test of our character. Personally, I choose to only remember greatness, I refuse to allow a negative memory or thought about others no matter the situation. Perhaps, my memory is all in my head and it is a complete fairy tale and dream, does it matter? That’s the real power, NO!, because although you may hear terrible things, and these are the thoughts and words of others, you are not “IN” that situation anymore. So, you can decide what you remember and recall only the memories which make you feel good. Because, that’s your control and if you only focus on the greatness, passion and only show love, then throughout life that is all you will bring into your life.

I honestly, have guys who think I’m a player; because on the rather rare occasions I go to a club, I have girls around. This is why, it’s not my looks, money, or clothes. It is because I only project confidence, love, passion and I create dreams, fuel for life, and humor. Ok, a nice smile helps perhaps. I explain, everyday, your actions decide your day, and everyday there after. People are drawn to me because of how I treat those around me and also, how I treat those who feel it necessary to attack me. So, who is actually the winner in the situation? The dreamer, who created their perfect life and travels, and is blessed with being allowed to share and be apart of so many lives, or those who only know how to be a victim and everyday when they are not happy they will find someone to blame?

So, if this makes some sense, if you can see that YES, you can make drastic changes in your life. Then you also, see you can make powerful impacts in other peoples lives, starting today. If you remember one thing, let it be this. PEOPLE MATTER! Why ever settle for just being comfortable, when it’s OK to only accept the best for yourself? Why is it the hardest thing to believe in is ourselves? Do not give in to this illusion that if it’s comfortable and everyone else around me is happy, then I MUST be happy? Wrong, only you get that decision, you decide what life you want, comfortable and so-so happy because it’s better for everyone else? Passion and a lust for everyday- because you deserve no-less? People Matter, You Matter! Be Great!

***I wanted to respond to a few emails I received on this post. I apologize some of our blogs we have had to disable the comments feature in order to protect people from cyber-punk’s who were degrading others anonymously.

I was asked how do you just “ignore” very hurtful comments and words. One of the most powerful ways I have dealt with this and others have followed this advice and find it helps is the following. Listen to the words “not” spoken. I’ll use me as an example, words people have not been able to say: Lie or liar, cheat or cheater, selfish, self-centered, lazy, non-provider, mean, abusive, non-supportive, argumentative, rude, non-caring, doesn’t put others first, not-funny, closed-minded, un-appreciative, didn’t believe in someone, didn’t support, never left, never put others first, choosing your buddy’s over your significant other, un-adventurous, not courageous, not confident, really I could go on, and I believe you could to. You start rattling off these “true” character traits it’s hard to hear the words that are spoken and feel they have any merit or value.

Maybe you were wrong. Do you realize how many people I meet who will never admit they were wrong. Instead, just blame others and say “a-well”. Crap, I’ve messed up plenty, and guess what if I continue to push myself and try and help people no matter the situation I’m gonna mess up again. I have been in plenty of circumstances that I was completely out of my comfort zone. However, I was asked to serve or help, and I did the best I can. So, you have a choice stay where it’s safe and never truly grow, or take flight, take your hits, because you will impact so many more. I know if I was hit by a bus tomorrow, I did my best. I apologized and tried to make amends, and really I tried way to hard. But it’s in the past and I’m still in flight, I’m still making a difference. So, the words that describe me, no matter the situation they will never be able to say about me. Remember, just like politics and history, it’s very easy to look back and blame or find wrong doing after the event, after all the facts. What history and people will remember at some point, is who was “there”, who “gave”, who “loved”, to me that’s pretty cool.

Also, I was asked why help others when no one helped me. To be blunt, that’s crap! There are always people there to help you when you need it, especially if you are helping others, and showing love. The problem is you probably have a particular person or persons who you feel should have been there. You over look the ones who are always there because your allowing the “victim” inside of you to say “see, so and so wasn’t there for me”. Rather than seeing everyone else who was. Take the blinders off you’ll see a lot more. Life will become art, then it becomes beauty. Tollie…***