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It is easy to get disease in the too clean environment

Thomas McDade, professor of anthropology at Northwestern University, and colleagues has compared two similar studies on home and family lifestyle and health status between the U.S. and Philippines. From this study, scientists want to observe effects on the immune system development from the childhood environment for the growth. The researchers focused the study on the blood concentration of C-reactive protein, which are non-specific acute phase inflammatory reactants and serious bacterial infection and tissue damage in a diagnostic index. As usual, C-reactive protein at high concentrations meant getting infections easily and a high degree of inflammation may lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and other diseases. The Philippines study involved more than 3300 local families, from the 1980’s, the researchers began tracking these families of newborns until they grow up to 22 years old. The researchers visited these families once every two months before the age of two, then once every four or five years. Projects of assessment in the research include the cleanliness of their children daily life such as whether there are pigs, dogs or other animals and the family’s socio-economic resources.

Compared to people in the United States at the same age, although these Filipinos are easily infected in infants and young children, but the concentration of C-reactive protein is lower than 80% at their adulthood. C-reactive protein in per liter of blood from Filipino is 0.2 milligrams while the American’s is 1 to 1.5 milligrams per liter. “Compared with the Americans, C-reactive protein in Filipinos is significantly lower, the result is contrary to many people’s expectations, because we know that the Philippines have a higher risk of disease contagious”, Thomas McDade said, “Our results show that early life with the ultra-clean environment may lead to more inflammation in adult life, thereby increasing the risk of suffering from various diseases.”

McDade said in a research report, adults with high levels of C-reactive protein means that less exposure to animals waste in childhood. “Bacteria and microorganisms play an important role in the promotion of development of the immune system” he said. At the same time, he cited an example that development of brain is faster in early life, many neural established connections during this time, you need to keep in touch with your environment thoroughly to promote the establishment of these connections. Development of the immune system also needs to stimulate the external environment, which make it feel the need for further development.

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