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Kids Nutrition – New Perspectives and Opportunities

Kids Nutrition: New Perspectives and Opportunities
 It calculates that over a third of children are obese or overweight in Europe and the Americas, making these regions the worst in the world for kids” obesity levels. While kids” obesity levels are less severe in Asia Pacific and the MEA, levels in these countries are growing year on year. This report looks at the opportunities and challenges this presents to food and drinks manufacturers. ( )
 * Detailed insights & analysis identifying the major challenges and opportunities confronting the food/beverage industry in the area of kids” products
 * Comprehensive data on the extent of childhood obesity and the market opportunity for kids” food and drink across global regions
 * Strategic conclusions and actionable recommendations based on the trends and insights uncovered in the report
 * Covers: France, Germany, Italy, NL, Russia, Spain, Sweden, UK, US, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Japan, ROK, China, India, KSA, UAE, S Africa
 The availability and diversity of kids” food and drinks has never been higher, with a continuous supply of new products launched in many regions around the world, not just in traditional commercial hotspots such as the US, but increasingly in traditionally less developed countries.
 With prosperity increasing globally, there has been an increased propensity for kids to over indulge, leading to the numbers of overweight children rising alarmingly. Obesity can lead to other ailments (e.g Diabetes), meaning companies are being encouraged to launch nutritiously balanced, healthier products.
 It analysis of the size of the problem of overweight and obese children shows that while the size of the problem is largest in traditionally well developed countries such as the US, year on year growth is highest in key high growth markets such as India, in proportion to rising prosperity.
 Reasons to Purchase
 * Understand the attitudes driving the consumption behavior of 5-13 year olds and their parents
 * Obtain exclusive food and beverage consumption and obesity data for kids in Europe, Asia-Pacific, America and MENA regions
 * Find inspiration from innovative ”on-trend” products embracing opportunities in kids” nutrition
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