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Ladies Fitness Sexy Tummy JNL FatlossLadies It’s HOT, SWEATY, and SEXY! And it BLASTS FAT & BUILDS MUSCLE! Im talking about the latest Jennifer Nicole Lee’s Fusion workout! What’s on the menu? Bootylicious Rim Builders to jack up your glutes, and Deep V-Cut Pelvic Thrusts to give ladies that tight and toned flat tummy!

Ladies are you looking for ways to get rid of those flabby, and ugly fat you have still looming around certain areas of your body? Then Jennifer Nicole Lee’s new Power Circuit Workout and Video is a girls best friend. This workout is the difference between thin and a sculpted and sexy supermodel body which Jennifer Nicole Lee has done for countless women.

Ladies Warm up for 5 minutes of Jump Rope! Yes I said this is your warm up! It’s a solid start to an AMAZING fat blasting muscle building workout!

CIRCUIT 1 : Need A Tire, Or A Step Bench

Bootylicious rim builders – we got to build our rums up and out!

Need the tire, if you don’t have a tire, get a step bench, and use it!

Backwards Jump Rope!!! Try it!


Jennifer Nicole Lee JNL fusion jockey! Ride it like a jockey! Pull weight up and then squat and ride the beat!

Sex machine cardio blast-catapult yourself up and over the bench


Get R done kettle bell full body toner –

Jennifer Nicole Lee JNL fusion kneeling ninja plyos


Pelvic thrust with chair, use dumbbell for extra weight

Straight into deep ab pulses v-cuts-on bench, squeeze up your lower pelvic floor – go deep, deep penetration, hit that gspot!!!


Hamstring curl on box – make a fist out of your glutes! Squeeze it!

Doggy style glute squeezes!


Sexy inner thigh pounce into plan – if you want sleek sexy inner thigh muscle area, do this power move!

Strap on ankle weights – single glutes that salute butt squeezes

Cool down : Deep inhales with stretches

About The Author:

Fitness expert and author, Jennifer Nicole Lee (JNL), has become an icon for women and fellow moms across the world with her amazing 70-pound plus weight loss success story. To ultimately improve her physical and mental health and become more active with her children, JNL began a regimen of exercise drills and performance nutrition. Training as an athlete, JNL’s goal was to lose weight, with the ultimate goal of entering a bikini contest. Less than one year later, JNL entered the ultimate figure competition and was crowned Miss Bikini America 2004, realizing her goal and proving that mothers can still be sexy, fun and fit!

This empowering experience catapulted Jennifer Nicole Lee into the health and fitness industry and gained her the respect of countless professionals. She has shared her compelling weight loss story on national talk shows including Oprah and Inside Edition, and has proudly graced the covers of over 15 fitness magazines. Please visit for more information.

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