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Leashing the Dogs of War: Conflict Management in a Divided World

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Since Turbulent Peace was first published in 2001, the international landscape has changed profoundly. Leashing the Dogs of Warreplaces its well-established predecessor as the definitive volume on the sources of contemporary conflict and the array of possible responses to it. The authors–more than forty of the most influential and innovative analysts of international affairs–present multiple perspectives on how best to prevent, manage, or resolve conflicts around the world.

Leashing the Dogs of War assesses the nature and extent of the changes wrought by 9/11 and its aftermath, and explores their wide-ranging implications. For the United States, of course, the changes have been dramatic. It has engaged in a war on terrorism and has become both a third party in certain conflict arenas and a direct party to the conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan. But these events have also affected other actors, from the United Nations to humanitarian NGOs to collective defense and security organizations such as NATO and the OSCE.

At the same time, some things have not changed. Failed states, economic stagnation, weapons proliferation, nuclear missiles, and identity-based conflicts continue to threaten global security. Looking at the combination of old and new threats, are traditional instruments of negotiation, mediation, peacekeeping and peace enforcement still effective in managing and resolving conflict? How do conflict management efforts and the campaign against terrorism interact in various security environments? Are our institutions–be they states, coalitions of the willing, international organizations, or NGOs–capable of creating and implementing a peacemaking strategy? All these questions are addressed in this new volume.

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