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LOW CALORIE RECIPES – less than 300 calories per plate. From We are giving away our new FITKIT. Claim it for FREE now at our site; including the strictest diet plan for loosing weight in the shortest period of time. Here is the recipe for the tuna delight. Average platefull should be 300 calories. Extremely healthy; no complex carbs, high in protein and very delicious and filling. For a diet plan for weight loss visit our website and download our FREE FITKIT.
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Beef stew has a low-calorie recipe for those of you counting your calories. Discover this healthier beef stew recipe from a head cook in this free video on stewrecipes. Expert: Susan Walker Bio: Sue Walker owns her own freelance cooking business. She worked as a pastry chef and a full-time head cook for more than 10 years before deciding to start her own company. Filmmaker: Luke Neumann