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by C_Dave

Making the Transition from Convenience Foods to Healthy Meal Plans

Healthy meal plans are built on whole natural foods. Your body needs fresh fruits and vegetables; not chemically-treated, processed food. While it is quick and easy to hit the drive-through or grab a ready-made meal-in-a-can, there are better ways to get a quick and easy meal.

Switching from a fast-food mentality to a focus on healthy meals takes a little work in the beginning, but pays off in a short amount of time. You will need to invest some time in planning what to eat so you know what to buy. If you need help figuring out what to plan, look for guidance from a diet or eating plan that emphasizes health and well-being, not quick weight loss.

Cookbooks are a great source for what-to-eat ideas. There are so many available now that they are usually very specialized and the title will tell you right away what to expect from the recipes. Look for titles indicating “simple” and “fresh” to get started.

While your diet doesn’t need to be vegetarian to be healthy, don’t be afraid of vegetarian cookbooks. They tend to have lots of recipes focusing on fruits and vegetables and often use beans and grains in unexpected but simple and delicious ways.

There are many ways to prepare meats that incorporate vegetables, too. The traditional roast with potatoes and carrots baked right in the pan is a classic example, but why stop there, try incorporating sweet potatoes or other root vegetables.

Check out your local area for farmer’s markets where you can buy fresh produce, often organically grown. Getting those chemicals out of your diet is a great move toward healthier eating. You probably already have a full schedule, so be sure to make time for a visit to the market in your schedule. Write it on your calendar. Make a point of going for a few weeks. It will easily become an enjoyable part of your weekly routine in a short amount of time.

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