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Massage Therapy Can Help in the Treatment of Psychogenic Disorders in Holmdel NJ

Research shows that therapeutic massage from reputable professional massage therapy clinics and massage spas can help in the treatment of psychogenic disorders. One such massage spa in Holmdel NJ can help people afflicted with psychogenic disorders in Monmouth County, Middletown, Hazlet, Red Bank, Colts Neck, Lincroft, Atlantic Highlands, Highlands, Union Beach, Keyport, Matawan, Aberdeen, Leonardo, Rumson, Fair Haven and Little Silver.

In the article “The Application of Massage in Psychogenic Disorders,” Mario-Paul Cassar details the beneficial effects of massage therapy on those afflicted with behavioral and neurological dysfunctions. Cassar is a teacher and practitioner of clinical massage, bodywork and sports therapy. He is also the author of the Handbook of Clinical Massage from Churchill Livingstone.

According to Cassar, massage can help those with mental and emotional dysfunctions, including anxiety, depression, grief, withdrawal from drug addiction, trauma from sexual abuse, anorexia and panic attacks. He says massage helps through touch, relaxation, establishment of proper breathing, restoration of sleeping patterns, mind-body connection and positive body image.

Cassar says touch aids emotional healing by making the recipient feel accepted, cared for, nurtured and supported, thereby encouraging enhancement of self-worth. Patients learn to love themselves and trust others. Their anxieties are soothed.

Massage also brings relaxation to recipients. This is necessary in cases where patients’ emotions need to be subdued. There are certain emotional states where relaxation would be counter-productive, though, Cassar warns. Included are cases of depression where patients are lethargic. In such situations, energizing therapies are recommended.

Cassar says that stress brings breathing difficulties. The restoration of proper breathing patterns is beneficial to those who have anxiety and panic attacks.

Cassar adds that stress also causes insomnia and this leads to fatigue and further distress to patients. Massage often results in the restoration of the recipients’ ability to attain deep sleep, during which the body is better able to undergo healing. Certain aromatherapy essential oils, such as lavender oil, also help induce restful sleep. This may reduce the need for sedatives in some patients.

Sometimes, people with mental and emotional dysfunctions are so wrapped up in their thoughts and emotions that they are almost totally disconnected with their bodies. Cassar  says massage can restore their consciousness of their bodies, and their acceptance of it.

The mind and body connection works both ways, as Cassar illustrates. When tense and anxious, some people guard themselves subconsciously through what is known as body armoring. This involves tensing the muscles and holding rigid patterns of posture. This can become chronic and the tightness in the muscles cause other problems such as muscle pain, headaches, breathing difficulties and panic attacks. Massage helps relax such chronically tightened muscles to help the patients release their rigid postural patterns and stop the negative cycle.

Sometimes, the patients are aware of their bodies but hold on to a negative body image. This is true for those who have eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. It can also happen to women who had to undergo mastectomy, for example. Even in cases of postpartum depression, negative body image is often a factor. When the patients accepts and receives massage, it is the first step in acknowledging that he or she is deserving of care. Experiencing the pleasure and relief brought by massage is another step in which they acknowledge the value of their bodies. This opens the door to recovery, according to Cassar.

The various massage therapy modalities can contribute to the treatment of psychogenic disorders. Ask for Swedish massage therapy, reflexology massage therapy, deep tissue massage therapy, sports massage therapy and pregnancy massage therapy from a professional massage spa in Holmdel NJ.

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