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By: Tollie Schmidt

Founder Tollie’s Out of the Darkness Project

CEO – Tollie International Inc. & International Speaker

“Empowering Greatness – Creating a Dream Infused Life”

At this moment in time, in your immediate path you are capable of massive and dramatic change. Within the endless possibilities of your mind and body working in a flow of pure energy, change is already taking place. Before you seize this new life, new body, your new reality, there are a few things you must do first. Know and establish your values.

I know and have spoken and worked with numerous people who have undergone dramatic life changes. These changes have been either physically or emotionally. Many times they were not prepared for these changes or at the time could even fathom consequences some of their decisions could have on their life.

They have lost half their weight and left their spouses because now their image became an issue. They lost sight of what Love really is. They forgot why they loved this person in the first place. I have seen people leave their families and friends, leave their social support groups because their ego has taken control of their self-worth. They lost track of their values, or they never established them. Honestly, there is no right or wrong, my values could differ completely from yours.

I grew up as the “fat” kid. Because of my weight and size I had to develop strong social skills, because my first impression was a bad one. I never had girls “hitting” on me, sending me the little love notes. I did not know what it was like to be one of the attractive guys, so I never new what it was to really judge someone on appearance. I never looked at a girl as an object, or a prize. I had a set of values already established, although I never new what a “value” was.

As a kid I always went by my nick name, “Andy”. When I decided I wanted to serve others and help change the world I started using my real name “Tollie”. Tollie is my Great, Granddaddy’s name. He passed away when I was rather young, so the stories and Legacy and his values are what I feel today. He was a small town man in a small town in Oklahoma. He worked in oil, and raised cattle, his family, worked for the county and rodeo ed. Today’s stander eds this doesn’t sound like that great of an impact. So why at his funeral was the church in standing room only, and still crowds of people outside of the church to honor this small town man? Why were people of every race and several counties there to pay respects to my Great Granddaddy?

Tollie Daniels, created positive change for all those he came in contact with. When Joe Swindell left home to pursue rodeo and found himself with no place to stay, Tollie accepted him as a son and shared his home. In a time where segregation and separate towns existed between white and black, Tollie saw “men” and “women”. When roads needed fixed and utilities hung color did not matter, he sent the crews and the men went, they believed in Tollie.

Tollie had a great love in my Granny Gertie Daniels. She was a lady who everyone loved, always a smile on her face, and warm hug to embrace. I recall on visits to my Granny’s that the doors were never locked and when you woke up in the morning you never knew who was already sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee or fixing breakfast while chatting about small town news.

I never new “family” as a “blood” related group. Family was anyone who needed love and compassion, anyone who needed help. Family was all God’s family and his love for all. I remember when Granny Daniels came down with Alzheimer’s disease it was hard, as I write this it still gets me teary. Her Alzheimer’s lasted for many years before she went on home. However, what I remember is for the last three years of her time on earth she lived in her bedroom, completely bed ridden. She couldn’t talk, or communicate. However, what she could do was more powerful than any spoken word, more powerful than any gift, she would smile the biggest grin of pure joy and love, and you were locked in a gaze of pure love, this was Granny.

After years passing since Tollie went home and years that Granny was in her own special world, when she went home hundred’s came to say good-bye. At her funeral the church was full, she left a Legacy.

My father’s family had a different background. They came to America from Germany. They were inventors, and entrepreneurs. They built businesses and created new products. They also, lived a very humble lifestyle. They felt the money the earned was not theirs but God’s and Money was not something to horde but to give freely to help and serve others.

Grandaddy Schmidt many felt always walked with one foot in heaven. He was a strong man always well dressed and very intelligent. He was also an evangelist who shared love and hope with others. He personally paid and built 4 churches during his lifetime. One church was for a black community because no one else not even the church would love the community. Grandaddy Schmidt and my father built the churches with love, they spent hundreds of hours personally raising the walls and loving those who did not know what Love was.

To this day the churches they built do not have their name on the wall, there is no plaque honoring their work. Because what they built was a true legacy of love and their legacy will be felt as it ripples through time.

My values as I have developed them are the same as those before me. Family is all those who need love, who need compassion, who have dreams and you can support. My values are serve others before yourself. Love is a precious beautiful gift. You bare all with no pride, if you love you say it, even when it is not returned.

My parents, believed in Love, even in the hardest times Love would show them through together. We traveled a lot, we never had a lot of money but traveling and experiencing new places was important. I guess my love for travel and new experiences still carries on.

Also, with this legacy was always a sense of Independence, we were raised and taught to be your own man, Dream big and go out and serve and take chances. Like a rodeo, grab life by the horns and ride. Because even if we were not together, we knew where home was, we knew their love traveled with us. I was raised that my journey was mine alone, I had their love and my purpose and path must be taken alone. They wanted me to dream, serve, and take our families love to all I could help.

Next week we are filming a new series part of the “Power of One” program we are going to release early, because it is important to me. Last night I spoke and talked to a lot of young guys and girls and was shocked by their thoughts and values. It came down to Girls were objects and for sex and only worth the chase and victory of the game. They would say and do anything to play and win the game. The girls would deceit their friends dress any way in order to get the attention of the guys. They were looking for a false sense of “love”. Last night I spoke about Values and passion and sparked a fire.

I am not saying my values are right but they are my values. I see women as God’s Angels and deserve to only be loved, supported and cared for. I have a hard time now after my weight loss with girls seeing me as “hott”, grabbing me, saying rather blunt suggestions. I do not like it and it makes me want to leave. I am not a guy who is into “sex”, I am a guy who only can “love” one person with all my heart, serve them, protect them, and I never would look at other girls, I never saw girls as objects, I never understood it.

When you make a massive change. Know your values, because the false temptations out there are not real. However, so many people buy into the idea and lose their values, and loved ones.

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