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My story with anorexia is a One Media film by Tennisgirl200 here is her story in her own words as she faced anorexia and depression.

“My Life, My Story with Anorexia. I was Happy, Energetic, I had family. I was a tennis player who laughed and had fun with friends. I was healthy and strong. And then i got sick.

I didn’t eat. I was isolated. I became severely depressed. I was dehydrated and blacked out a lot. I became obsessed with food counting calories and only eating 200 a day. I was sent to Remuda. My heart rate was low. I could have had a heart attack at any moment.

I was so lucky I could have died. Remuda saved my life! Sadly i still struggle to this day. Thanks to all those who were there for me, I don’t know what I would have done without you!”

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