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New Fundraising Regulations: What Now?

Around the country, coaches and teachers are witnessing a complete overhaul of the school fundraising system. With USDA encouragement and some states passing actual laws, school districts all over the country are being very strongly encouraged to establish wellness policies which reduce or eliminate FMNV (Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value) on school grounds.

In California on July 1 California Senate Bill 12 goes into effect. It essentially says that foods sold on California High School campuses must be less than 35% fat, 35% sugar, less than 10% saturated fat, and less than 250 calories. Connecticut’s Public Act No. 06-63 went into effect last June, and had similar nutrition standards. In Illinois, the law is similar to California’s, but with a 200 calorie cap.

California, Connecticut and Illinois are unique only in that they have been pioneers in the school nutrition movement. It’s almost a foregone conclusion that other states which have not yet passed legislation will soon do so. While many will decry yet more laws being passed and the nanny state protecting us from ourselves, the time really has come to be proactive when it comes to youth nutrition. We are in uncharted territory in human history when obesity rates and specifically youth obesity rates have never been higher. As to what the implications will ultimately be, no on knows because enough time has not elapsed for proper account to be taken. Interestingly while the problem is great, it may be years until the depth of the obesity problem is truly know.

What we do know is that any change on behalf of better nutrition is good, and that those changes are being made all over the country. What does this means for school fundraising? It means that products which are sold will need to change. Many High Schools, Middle Schools, and Elementary have generated tens of thousands of dollars a year selling candy and other junk food. These will no longer be allowed, so these schools will need to find healthy fundraising solutions which can help raise the same amount of money.

When searching for healthy fundraising solutions, it will be important to know the regulations of your state or school district. Then you’ll need to find a fundraising product which meets those regulations. Additionally, it’s important to make sure the new fundraising product will also be tasty, so sales will be similar to what they were with candy. Finally, it’s important that your fundraising product contain variety, i.e. you don’t want to send each fundraising case to contain only one product or type of product. This lack of variety can be a great detriment to sales.

So basically, fundraising change for the better is here and we must embrace it and search for healthy fundraising solutions.

Alec Moreland promotes nutrition to reduce obesity in America’s Schools. Learn to fundraise in compliance with USDA “HealthierUS School” regulations “Team Nutrition” standards and State Wellness Policies at Contact Alec at