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New Lite & Lean Protein Beverages and Protein Powder From

Water is essential for healthy living and plays a vital role in

the proper functioning of the human body. Combine water with whey

protein, dietary fiber and amazing natural flavors, and you have a

winning formula. With in-depth product development and backed by

extensive research, Designer Whey is pleased to announce the launch of

their new line of great tasting nutritional Designer Whey Lite & Lean

protein drinks and powders.
“I am a Weight Watchers member and wanted to let you know how much I

love the Lite & Lean Protein Waters. With all of the Lite & Lean line

being Zero Points per serving***, I can take a couple of them a day to

curb my hunger,” Ms. Wade of Oceanside, CA.
Designer Whey flavorful and functional Lite & Lean waters and whey

protein powder will help fitness enthusiasts and on-the-go women get

their daily intake of protein to optimize their workouts and increase

their daily energy in an easy-to-use format. Great tasting Lite & Lean

drinks and protein powders can be used in the gym, carpool lane, the

office, on a business trip or in the comfort of one’s own living room.
Ground-breaking products
“Our new delicious, hunger curbing Lite & Lean products are a perfect

fit for those looking to maintain proper nutrition and health,”

commented David Jenkins, Founder and CEO of Next Proteins. “We are

excited to introduce new groups to great tasting whey protein drinks

and powders. Lite & Lean products are perfect to increase energy, use

in daily weight management plans and to boost the impact of workouts.”
The exciting new Lite & Lean whey protein products will help curb

hunger cravings. Featuring Protein2GO Paks and 12oz canister formats as

well as the Ready-to-Drink bottles with just 35 calories, 5g fiber, 0g

fat and 5g of Designer Whey protein, they are perfect for those looking

for tools to achieve their weight loss.
Weight Watchers Flex Plan Members Get Boost From Designer Whey
Members of the Weight Watchers Flex Plan should check out Lite & Lean

protein products as a high fiber, low calorie, great tasting snack with

extremely low point values.
The Lite & Lean Protein Drinks are available in Blue Raspberry and

Cranapple flavors. Lite & Lean Protein Powder products are available in

two flavors: Raspberry Açai and Mixed Blueberry.

DESIGNER WHEY Headquartered in Carlsbad, California, NEXT Proteins is the industry leader in developing, manufacturing and distributing whey protein supplements and foods. Since our inception in 1991, we have been committed to providing customers with innovative, great tasting whey protein products, investing more than .8 million in research and clinical testing.

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